What is a VIN Number (Vehicle Identification Number)?

VIN stands for a Vehicle Identification Number. It is a 17 characters unique code assigned to every vehicle as its fingerprint. These 17 characters are capital letters or numbers and include no special characters or small letters to avoid confusion. This number is assigned to every vehicle after it is manufactured. Each character of a VIN stands for something meaningful that lets you know a lot about a vehicle. Different vehicle manufacturers imprint this VIN in various places on the vehicle. Most commonly, you can find your VIN on the dashboard of a car.

Number of characters:17 (combined with digits and capital letters)
Where to look:Interior of the driver’s side dashboard generally
Meaning of the first digit:Country of manufacturer

What Do The Numbers And Letters in a VIN Mean?

Each character in the VIN denotes information on the vehicle. Here is how you can decode VIN and know more about the vehicle.

How to Find the Vehicle's VIN Number?

Depending on the vehicle, the VIN on your vehicle can be found in several parts. On most passenger cars, you can find the VIN on the interior of the driver’s side dashboard. You can also find it under the hood on the front of the engine block on gasoline cars. It can also be found out on the driver’s side door pillar. In older cars, VIN can be seen over the front end of the frame over the wheels. In motorcycles, the VIN can be seen imprinted on the steering neck under the handlebars. You may also find it over a plate above the motor. In semi-trailers, it is usually located in the front left of the vehicle.

If you can’t find the VIN on the vehicle, the easiest way is to use your vehicle’s title document or insurance documents (if any).

  • Interior of the driver’s side dashboard
  • Under the hood
  • Driver’s side door pillar
  • Front end of the frame over the wheels

What Will You Get from VIN Report?

Previous Accidents

Theft or Burglary

True Market Value

Warranty Coverage

Past Owners

Actual Distance Covered

Original Specs Confirmation

Manufacturing Defects

Registration History

Car Sales History

Damages Incurred

Odometer Readings

Lien and Repossession

Vehicle use history

Inspection and Registration History

Why Search for a VIN Online?

There are ample situations in which a VIN search online can prove to be helpful. Some of these reasons can be:

  • Extracting all the specs about you car
  • Checking the history of a used vehicle
  • Getting well-informed prior to car purchase
  • Ensuring that the car is not stolen
  • Verifying the ownership of the car
  • Replacing the car parts with the originals
  • Preventing any frauds
  • Confirming Car Conditions

YA VIN check is usually helpful when purchasing a used car. You never know what dark history a vehicle may possess. Running a VIN check keeps you assured of the vehicle’s history such that you don’t fall prey to a defective vehicle.

What Are The Benefits for a VIN Check?

Conducting a VIN check is beneficial for a number of reasons. When you are buying a used vehicle, you want to be sure that you are getting what you are paying for. This is when VIN helps you by providing you with exact details regarding the features and specs of the car. It offers the proof about when and where the car was manufactured. It also ensures that the car is safe to buy, and not linked to any malicious activities.

How to Check The VIN Number?

Checking a VIN number is easy. All you need to do is follow these steps:

Other Types of VIN Check

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if my VIN doesn’t decode?

If your VIN doesn’t decode, try another decoder that may include more data coverage. If not, try rechecking your VIN characters and make sure it is 17 characters long.

Who is a vehicle report for?

A vehicle report can be useful for car purchasers or for dealers trying to sell a used car and many others who could benefit from the information extracted from the vehicle report.

What is in a vehicle history report?

A free vehicle history report provides details of a vehicle suching its general specs, warranty information, theft/accidents/fraud records, and much more. .

Does a dealership provide a VIN check?

If a car is certified pre-owned and relatively new, the dealer would be able to get you a VIN and run a VIN check to know if the car has been worked upon in other dealerships in the past.

Can you get personal information from a VIN number?

A VIN check can fetch important information regarding the vehicle in terms of damage,theft and accidents and many others. Yet it cannot provice the personal information of its owner such as his or her social security number, credit card and bank accounts.