VIN Check Rhode Island (RI)


VIN Check Rhode Island (RI)

Rhode Island laws stipulate that you need to do a VIN check to register out of state vehicles, in case the vehicle is made after 2001. Even if you are buying a used car within Rhode Island, it is recommended to do a VIN check on it.

VIN check is an indispensable tool that provides the entire background of the vehicle. VinPit provides free VIN checks on any vehicle without needing signup.

Read below to find out more about why you should do a VIN check in Rhode Island, and the various possible ways to do it.

Why Rhode Island (RI) VIN Check Is So Important?

When you are considering buying a used car, it is important to know that you are investing your money safely. You don’t want to buy a car that will start giving you trouble the very next day.

This is why learning the history of the used car is very important. This can only be done through a VIN check on the vehicle.

Through a VIN check, you can know if the vehicle has been in any major accident in the past. Major accidents represent major repairs, which means that the reliability of the car cannot be trusted.

VIN checks also provide title information on the car, such as salvage, totalled, flood damage, hail damage, or more. While cars with title brands are safe to buy, it is a good idea to consider other options as well.

A car title check also provides a lot of other information that helps in making a clear decision. This information can be found in the next section.

What Can You Expect from VIN Check (RI)?

A Rhode Island VIN check through VinPit can provide you with the following data:

  • Manufacturer Details
  • Accident records
  • Theft records
  • Title brands
  • Recalls
  • Original features
  • Ownership records
  • Liens

How to Do Rhode Island (RI) DMV Title Search?

There are two main ways to do a Rhode Island title search. These are:

  • Basic VIN check through DMV records
  • Detailed VIN check through VinPit

Basic VIN Check Through DMV Records

DMV, Rhode Islands suggests that you can do a VIN lookup for any vehicle in Rhode Island through the local police department.

For this purpose, you also need the title of the vehicle and present it during the VIN inspection. In case there is a lien against the vehicle, a photocopy of the title will also suffice.

Detailed VIN Check Through VinPit

VinPit is a third-party platform that collects vehicle data from a lot of different sources. This data is compiled into a vehicle history report, that is presented when a VIN check on the vehicle is done.

Doing a VIN check through VinPit is quite easy. Simply enter the VIN number in the VIN search engine and click on the Search button. You will get all the information on the vehicle in a second or two.


A Rhode Island VIN check is an indispensable tool that one must take advantage of before registering a vehicle in Rhode Islands. VinPit is used by many dealerships and buyers to learn about what the car has been through. Try a free VIN check today!