Georgia License Plate Lookup


Get a comprehensive history of a used car

  • Specifications and equipment details.
  • Accidented or stolen.
  • Known and hidden repairs.
  • Past and present market values.
  • Sales records, title issues, and liens.

Are you a new resident in Georgia looking forward to buying a used vehicle? Or do you prefer to buy a used vehicle at a cheap deal?

Here is everything about how Georgia license plate lookup could be of immense help for you in either case. Also, you can look up Georgia license plates online.

How Does a Georgia License Plate Work?

Every vehicle in Georgia should be registered with license plates on it. This will allow you to drive legally in Georgia. Get your vehicle registered with the Georgia Department of Revenue (DOR) office.

You will be granted a sufficient time of 30 days to get your vehicle registered and get new license plates. These 30 days start from the date of purchase or the date of transfer of the vehicle.

Yes, you can transfer the existing license plates from your old vehicle to a new vehicle in Georgia. However, the vehicle should be of the same category.

If your license plate is stolen or lost, you can report it to law enforcement authorities. Thereafter, you can apply for replacement license plates at your region's country tag offices.

Types of Georgia License Plates

Georgia provides a range of license plates to its residents. Here is a list of all the types of license plates available in Georgia:

Standard License Plates

These include disabled person license plates, standard, standard alternative, and trailer.

Georgia Colleges And State Universities

These license plates include symbols of state universities and Georgia colleges like Agnes Scott College, ABAC, Augusta University, Berry College, Emory University, Georgia State University, Savannah State University and so on.

Military Veteran License Plates

This category includes specialized license plates for Disabled Veteran, Gold Star Family, Pearl Harbor Survivor, Former Prisoner of War, Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Navy, Marine, etc.

Motorcycle License Plates

It also includes about 4 to 5 options like Hobby Antique Motorcycle, Disabled Person Motorcycle, Prestige Motorcycle, and so on.

National Guard And U.S. Reserve License Plates

This includes special license plates for Reserve Army, Reserve Navy, Reserve Marine, Active and Retired National Guard, and so on.

Special Interest License Plates

Special interest license plates can be applied for either through the country tag office or through sponsors. Some of the options include Atlanta Falcons, Auburn Club, Breast Cancer Awareness, Choose Life, Georgia Aquarium, Wildlife etc.

Special and prestige license plates in Georgia are only assigned to private passenger vehicles, i.e. only the concerned person is allowed to drive the vehicle.

When Do You Need to Run a Georgia License Plate Lookup?

Run a license plate lookup is useful when you are buying a used vehicle, be it a car, motorcycle, RV, truck, or van. Doing proper research on the used vehicle you are looking to buy is a must. Asking the same from the private seller or dealer you are buying it from may not provide you with authentic information.

That is when running a Georgia license plate lookup is a more trustworthy choice. It is not biased and provides you with the correct background information on the vehicle.

You can run a license plate lookup whenever you need to get the information on any vehicle provided you at least have a VIN or license plate number.

What Info Can You Obtain through a Georgia License Plate Search?

Georgia license plate search can provide every related information on a vehicle with the help of the license plate number or VIN.

Here is all the information you can obtain from it:

Accident Details

A license plate search can extract if the vehicle has been involved in an accident in the past. It also provides information on any current reports pending.

Title Information

Title information lets you know a lot about a vehicle that a car dealer may try to conceal. It also enables you to know if the vehicle is a reconstructed or a replica vehicle, if it is bought from a grey market; if it has been returned under warranty, or if it is a salvaged or reconstructed vehicle.

General Information

It also gives general information on the vehicle like the registration details, odometer readings, mileage, color of the vehicle, engine and manufacturer details of the vehicle etc.

Special Purpose Use

If the vehicle has been used as a rental car, police car, or as a taxi, it will be mentioned as so.

Apart from all this, the Georgia tag lookup provides details on the last inspection, emissions inspection (if any), repossession information, record on vehicle repairs done and recalls etc.


Where Can I Find My License Plate Number?

Apart from looking for a license plate number on your vehicle license plate, you can alternatively find it in your vehicle registration card under the name license number.

What Are Vanity Plates In Georgia?

Vanity plates are customized license plates that include unique numbers and characters as per the choice of the owner. However, the number should not match with the already existing license number.

Vanity license plates cost more than standard license plates.

How To Apply For A License Plate In Georgia?

You need to visit the Georgia county tag office to apply for a license plate along with documents like your driver's license (or any other identification card), updated insurance cover, filled MV-1 form for vehicle titling.

The vehicle tags in Georgia are to be renewed each year.

How To Get License Plates Renewed In Georgia?

Your license plate has a validation sticker at the right bottom right corner, which includes the date on which the license plates will expire.

Present this expired sticker of your vehicle to the local tag office to get it renewed. You can also mail them or apply for renewal online.

How Much Does It Cost To Get License Plates In Georgia?

The license plate registration fee in Georgia varies with the type of vehicle. The registration fee for a motorcycle is $20 and for a trailer is $12.

Thereafter, the initial fee for a license plate varies according to the type of license plate.


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