Volkswagen (VW) VIN Check & Lookup


Volkswagen (VW) VIN Check & Lookup

Are you thinking of buying a car and do not have enough budget? Then you do not have to worry because people in the market are selling their second-hand cars for lower prices. But mostly we are afraid to trust the working condition of those cars as technology has helped us in every field, so it has the solution to your problem too.

Every Volkswagen car has a VIN number, which helps you to know every feature and history of the car. If you do not know about VIN numbers much then, you can take help from online software like VinPit, which will serve you as a Volkswagen VIN check. So now, buy your dream car at lower prices without doubting its working and efficiency with the help of the Volkswagen VIN number.

Why Should I Run a Volkswagen VIN Check?

Volkswagen (VW)

Volkswagen is a famous German automotive company that is known for its automobile production. Its headquarters is in Wolfsburg, Germany. It was founded in 1937, and the founder was Nazi Germany. Right now, its biggest market is in China. Among its cars, Touareg is its bestselling model. It is worth $81,990.

Volkswagen VIN number

If you are thinking about buying the Volkswagen car, then you will have to look for its features, specifications, working condition, and history. Trusting a seller vehicle’s information must be a risky thing. So you do not have to trust anyone; you can look for information yourself with the help of VM VIN.

Every Volkswagen car has a VIN number, which is unique for every single vehicle and is assigned by the company. It consists of seventeen figures, and each figure will tell you something about the car. You can extract features, specifications, accidental and damage records, prior use status, manufacturer record, date of manufacturing, and insurance and registration record. So all you have to do is to know the Volkswagen VIN, and then online software like VinPit will do the Vin check for your Volkswagen car.

Details available in VinPit report

As it is hard for you to extract all the information about the vehicle by yourself. So we are here to help you always with our services. VinPit will take care of the buying procedure by providing you with all the information ABOUT the Volkswagen car. So now you just have to search for Volkswagen VIN, and VinPit will do Volkswagen VIN check for you.

Initially, you insert the VW VIN and search for its information. Then you are provided with basic information. If you want further information, you can choose the "Continue" option to get a detailed report. Overall, VinPit tells you about the date of the issue of car, manufacturer, registration, warranty status, accident and damage routine, heft history, and prior use. This information is compiled by VinPit from official government sources. So you can easily trust its authenticity.

VW VIN Lookup

Structure of Volkswagen VIN number

As mentioned earlier, Volkswagen VIN, i.e., Vehicle Identification Number has 18 digits in it. To know all about the VW car, you can take help from its VIN number. You can know about it by yourself through VIN, or you can go for VW VIN Search.

Let's check what kind of information this VIN contains for you. We are about to tell you what meaning each letter of VM VIN has.

  • Digit 1,2: Region of manufacturing, manufacture
  • Digit 3: Vehicle type
  • Digit 4, 5, and 6: Body and trim styles, engine specs, and restraint systems
  • Digit 7 and 8: Vehicle Descriptor Section
  • Digit 9: Verification of data
  • Digit 10: The model year
  • Digit 11: The place where the vehicle is made
  • Digits 12-17: Defines make, model, year, and factory. This is the unique identifying number for that vehicle.

Steps required to do Volkswagen Car’s VIN lookup

If you want to take help from VinPit, then the procedure is very easy. If you know the VIN number of a Volkswagen vehicle, then you are ready to go for a VW VIN lookup. To perform the process, the following are some steps that are required to be followed.

Step 1: Finding your Volkswagen VIN

First of all, search for your Volkswagen VIN number and its details required for VinPit’s search.

Step 2: Insert the VW VIN

Once you find your VIN number then go to VinPit’s website on your browser. The page will be open in front of you. In the search bar, type your car's VIN number. After inserting, click on the option of "Search." The searching process will take a while.

Step 3: Previewing obtained information

Once the searching process is complete, you can see information in front of you. If the information is not enough for you and you want more information, then click on the "Continue" option on the screen. You will be provided with a detailed report then.

The Benefits of Running a Volkswagen (VW) VIN Check

Volkswagen provides you with a VIN number of the vehicle. Every car has a unique VIN number, and you can know all about the vehicle from that. Let's see what advantages VM VIN check has.

  • Manufacturing Date and Region: In order to know the vehicle's age, you will have to know about its manufacturing date. VIN will help you in this regard. Not only this but it helps you to know about the manufacturing country and region too.
  • Recalls and Defects of VW Car: The report also tells you about the initial recalls and defects of the concerned VW car.
  • Previous Use: If you want to know about the previous use status of the vehicle, whether it was used as a taxi or something else, then the VIN number will provide you this information.
  • Damage Record: If any damage has occurred to your vehicle in the past because of any reason, the VIN report will inform you about it.


VIN numbers have lowered our tension by providing all necessary information about Volkswagen cars. Furthermore, user-friendly online portals like VinPit have made it easy to do Volkswagen VIN lookup. It will provide you with all information about License Plate Lookup.

The VIN number has 17 figures, and the company has assigned every single figure with certain information. You can do it by yourself, or you can take help from your favorite software too. So now, search for your VW VIN and go for its lookup using amazing and helpful online software.