Indiana VIN Check


Indiana VIN Check

Indiana is the 38th largest state in the United States of America by size. Located in the Midwestern and Great Lakes region of North America, Indiana is the 17th most populated state with over 2,330,172 registered automobiles managed by the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

The Indiana BMV provides the facility of Indiana VIN check that allows the residents of Indiana to get access to vital information regarding the vehicles registered in the state.

As the person enters a 17- character long vehicle identification number, the Indiana VIN check fetches the vehicle history from the database. VIN search is helpful in the buying, selling, and operating of a vehicle. This article will elaborate on the important aspects of the Indiana VIN check/vehicle title search.

Why Should I Run a VIN Check in Indiana?

VIN check helps you determine if there is any fault or defect in the vehicle, any theft accidents associated with the vehicle, and unpaid loans on the vehicle. It is preferred to run a VIN check on the vehicle before purchasing or using one in Indiana.

Indiana VIN check will also confirm that the specifications declared by the seller of the vehicle are in compliance with the current condition of the car. A VIN check can tell if:

  • The vehicle has an accident history and the kind of damage that an accident did to the vehicle.
  • The title brands of the vehicle i.e. flood or hail damages.
  • Errors in the reading of the odometer.
  • Any unpaid loans or associated liens with the vehicle.
  • The vehicle was previously labeled as a lemon.
  • There is no sort of deployment of airbags.
  • The vehicle has any theft record

What Information Will You Know From an Indiana VIN Search?

In Indiana, if you plan on buying a vehicle and do not see a vehicle identification number on it then either it is being sold illegally or it was manufactured before 1980 when the system of unified code generation was introduced.

The 17 characters long vehicle identification number represents a specific set of information that can be categorized broadly as:

  • Equipment of safety i.e. active belts, airbags.
  • Specs of the engine set by the manufacturer i.e. fuel type, no. of cylinders.
  • Type of transmission.
  • Intricate details of the interior and exterior.

Following are the details you will most probably receive by using the Indiana VIN check:

  • Title No. of the vehicle
  • Branch Number
  • Issuance date
  • Purchase
  • Vehicle Make
  • VIN
  • FTN
  • Title (out of state)
  • Vehicle (type, model, brand)
  • Odometer reading
  • Title brand
  • Damage brand
  • Information about first and second lien (if any)

How to Perform a VIN Inspection in Indiana?

VIN inspection procedure is performed in the form of a physical examination of the vehicle to ensure the compliance of the vehicle identification number given on your vehicle with the legal documents of title and ownership.

The VIN inspection is performed so that a vehicle transferred from any other state can be titled and driven in the form of Indiana. The process of conducting a VIN inspection of your vehicle in Indiana is demonstrated stepwise below:

  • The title certificate application should be done 45 days after the vehicle is bought and the seller is required to remove the old license plate.
  • The inspection will be no fee charged if it is performed at any branch of the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles by a full or partial-service provider but on the other hand, if it is performed by a law enforcement officer then there would be a fee of $5.
  • The law enforcement officer is required to provide a filled Physical Inspection of a Vehicle or Watercraft - State Form 39530.
  • In case of any lien on the vehicle, the buyer should file a Request for Title - State Form 1014.
  • If the vehicle is purchased from an Indiana dealership, the dealer must provide proof of paid sales tax through the ST108 - Certificate of Gross Retail or Use Tax Paid - State Form 48842.
  • Finally, after every document is obtained and completed the forms are mailed to the following address:
    • Bureau of Motor Vehicles
    • 100 N. Senate Avenue
    • Room N440
    • Indianapolis, IN 46204


Indiana VIN check allows a person to scrutinize the history of a vehicle that is being purchased or acquired. The information provided by an Indiana VIN search includes title registration history, past accidents, manufacturer's defects, faults, etc.

The easiest way to perform a VIN check is to use VinPit. Upon entering the VIN, you will get a complete report about the vehicle.