Toyota VIN Decoder


The vehicle identification number (VIN) is the key to identifying a Toyota. It can provide crucial information about a Toyota vehicle, which is important, particularly when buying a used model.

But how is a VIN decoded? What tool can you use to decode a Toyota VIN easily? What kind of detailed information can you obtain about a Toyota vehicle with its VIN? Read on to get detailed answers to these questions.

How To Read a Toyota VIN?

Here we will discuss the different components that make up a Toyota’s VIN.

Position Meaning

The first symbol in the VIN signifies the Toyota's country of origin. Vehicles manufactured in a country have a specific character to identify them.

American-made cars usually have either '1', '3', or '5' in the first VIN position as a marker. Non-American vehicles may use a letter for their first VIN character. An example: Japanese vehicles use 'J' to identify their region of origin.

2nd The second position shows the automaker responsible for the model. Each automaker has its own letter to mark its cars; Toyota identifies its vehicles with 'T'.
3rd The 3rd position in the VIN identifies your Toyota's class or division, i.e. whether it is a sedan, pickup, SUV, or hatchback.
4th-8th These five characters are collectively called the vehicle descriptor section (VDS). They provide key characteristics about a Toyota vehicle, such as the vehicle type, body style, model, etc.
9th The 9th VIN character is called the 'security code', and it confirms that your Toyota's VIN is valid.
10th The 10th character represents the model year of a Toyota vehicle.
11th The 11th VIN character is the plant code, which indicates what plant assembled your Toyota.
12th-17th These six digits are your Toyota's unique serial number, a.k.a. production sequence number. This is the number given to every Toyota model as it leaves the assembly line.

What Tools Can You Use to Decode a Toyota VIN?

A Toyota VIN decoder is not easy to find. There are multiple options we recommend you try below. They collect information from official Toyota and government resources, so you will get reliable vehicle information with these tools.


VinPit is the perfect choice for VIN decoding. We offer a comprehensive and easy-to-use platform that makes it simple to decode vehicle identification numbers of Toyota vehicles.

It allows you to quickly and accurately discover important details about a Toyota car such as tech specs, market value, and accident history, and easily find out if a vehicle has any open recalls or safety issues. 

Toyota vehicle specification lookup tool

Toyota itself has a free vehicle specification lookup tool. It allows you to use the VIN of a vehicle to get detailed information about the make, model, year, engine type, interior and exterior features, and more.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is a government agency that works to promote road safety. NHTSA comes with a VIN decoder that is good for anyone looking to understand the specs of a vehicle.

It provides detailed information about the car's make, model, and year of manufacture, as well as its engine, transmission and safety features.

National Insurance Crime Bureau

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) is a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting insurance fraud and vehicle theft. Its VIN Check tool allows you to quickly and easily check the history of a vehicle, including any theft claims, salvage records, total loss records, and other issues.

What Information Can You Find with a Toyota VIN Decoder?

At this point, you probably understand that the VIN holds the key to getting important vehicle info. But what exactly will you get when you use a VIN decoding service like VinPit?

For starters, you can find out your Toyota's production year, region of production, and the factory where it was assembled. Also, you can get technical details like the size of its engine, body type, and transmission type.

Plus, a VIN check can give more details about events that can influence the condition of the Toyota vehicle. For example, it allows you to uncover the details of the accidents it was involved in, and what kinds of damages it suffered.

Also, if the Toyota vehicle has been the subject of a recall, the report provided by the Toyota VIN decoder will show you when the recall happened, and the reasons behind the recall.

Another interesting fact that you can get from a Toyota VIN lookup is a vehicle's legal status. The Toyota VIN decoder can show if the Toyota was legitimately owned or if it was stolen. Therefore, you'll be able to safeguard yourself from the legal implications of buying a stolen Toyota.

To summarize, a VIN decoder will give you all the important details you need concerning a Toyota car. It will also indicate if the Toyota is in sound condition and has legitimate origins.

A Sample Toyota Vehicle Specs Report by a Toyota VIN Decoder

To give you a better idea of what information you can get from a Toyota VIN decoder, we've compiled a sample report for you. It contains part of the information you can see in our vehicle report. 

  • VIN: 4T1BB46K49U090158
  • Model year: 2009
  • Manufacturing country: Canada
  • Vehicle class: Four-door sedan
  • Model: Toyota Camry Hybrid
  • Engine type: 2.4-liter L4 DOHC 16V (Hybrid)
  • Serial number: 090158
  • VIN: JTDKTUD3XCD524183
  • Model year: 2012
  • Manufacturing country: Japan
  • Vehicle class: Four-door hatchback
  • Model: Toyota Yaris L
  • Engine type: 1.5-liter L4 DOHC 16V (Hybrid)
  • Serial number: 524183
  • VIN: 5YFBURHE3JP743261
  • Model year: 2018
  • Manufacturing country: U.S.A.
  • Vehicle type: Four-door sedan
  • Model: Toyota Corolla L CVT
  • Engine type: 2.5-liter L4 DOHC 16V
  • Serial number: 743261
  • VIN: 4T1BF1FKXFU876481
  • Model year: 2015
  • Manufacturing country: Canada
  • Vehicle type: Four-door sedan
  • Model: Toyota Camry LE
  • Engine type: 2.5-liter L4 DOHC 16V
  • Serial number: 876481

Why You Should Use a Toyota VIN Decoder?

A Toyota VIN decoder like VinPit helps you get important tech specs and history information about a Toyota vehicle. This is particularly helpful when you're trying to purchase a used car. It allows you to avoid the following auto frauds.

Odometer fraud

The genuine mileage in the vehicle history report helps you determine the true number of miles a Toyota vehicle has been driven. It lets you uncover any odometer fraud such as rollbacks, and is an important factor in evaluating the condition and value of a car. 

If you identify an odometer fraud, you can report it to your state enforcement agencies for this misbehavior.

Title washing

Title washing is a process of hiding the history of a vehicle by transferring the title to another state. It can be very dangerous and cause you to purchase vehicles with hidden problems. 

VIN cloning

VIN cloning refers to a form of fraud that involves copying the VIN from one vehicle and using it on another, usually a stolen one. The information about VIN validity and theft records in a Toyota VIN decoder report will give you the ability to identify VIN cloning with little hassle.

Toyota VIN Lookup Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I decode a Toyota VIN?

Using a Toyota VIN decoder is pretty easy. All it requires is to enter a (valid) Toyota VIN on the search bar, and then you get a complete report of the associated Toyota vehicle.

Where can I find the VIN of a Toyota vehicle?

On a Toyota vehicle, you can find its VIN at the following places:

  • On the dashboard near the windshield on the driver's side
  • On the door jamb on the driver's side
  • On your vehicle’s registration card
  • On your insurance card

Do all Toyota vehicles have VINs?

Yes, every vehicle produced by Toyota has a VIN, unique to itself, that you can use to identify the vehicle.

Can I use a Toyota VIN decoder to look up information on all Toyota vehicles?

You can get details of nearly all Toyota vehicles with VinPit’s VIN decoder.But note that since there are some Toyota vehicles that are not reported to our data sources,  you may not be able to find information about them.

Is it okay to ask the seller for the VIN of a used Toyota car?

Yes. In fact, it is important to know the VIN of a used car. It can help you know the true condition of the vehicle and make an informed decision on whether or not to purchase it.

Will anyone know about my Toyota VIN lookup?

No. No one will know if you run a search using a VIN decoder. At VinPit, we respect the privacy of our users, so we never share any search information with anyone.