Kansas Title Search


Kansas Title Search

According to Kansas vehicle registration laws, all out-of-state vehicles require a VIN inspection if you want to register them in the state. Along with the vehicle, the title will also be inspected before registration is complete.

VinPit provides a Kansas vehicle title search for free through which you can find out all the information that is present on record for the vehicle.

Why Is Kansas Title Search So Important?

There are many reasons which call for the need to do a Kansas title search. There are a lot of things that car dealers do not reveal to the buyer, but a title search through VinPit can easily provide

When buying a used car, it is important to check the title brands on it. Title check provides valuable information such as flood damage, salvage, reconstructed vehicle, hail damage, and more. A title search on the car can reveal the title brands that it carries.

Title searches through VIN also provide data on the car's accident history. A vehicle with a major accident means that it has undergone serious repairs in the past. This can lead to performance issues in the long run.

VIN lookups also provide other information (as discussed in the next section) which provides better insight into the condition of the vehicle.

What Can You Expect from Kansas Title Search?

VinPit gathers data from multiple sources and compiles it into a detailed vehicle history report. A title search through VinPit can provide information such as:

  • Manufacturer Details
  • Vehicle recalls
  • Accident history
  • Theft Records
  • Maintenance record
  • Ownership record
  • Pending liens

How to Do Kansas Title Search?

There are two options available to do a title search in Kansas. These include:

  • Title search through VinPit lookup
  • Title search through Motor Vehicle Records

Title Search Through VinPit VIN Lookup

For doing a title search on VinPit, you just need the VIN of the vehicle. This number is present on the front end of the dashboard on the driver's side. It is also present near the hinge that attaches to the driver's door to the car frame.

Once you have the VIN, you can enter it on VinPit and click on the 'Search' button. VinPit will take a few seconds after which you can see the detailed title report of the car.

Title Search Through Motor Vehicle Records

Kansas has an official Motor Vehicles Portal where you can find the title details of the vehicle. However, you need to create an account on the portal to use it. Additionally, a title search through this method will not be as comprehensive as VinPit.


Kansas title search through VinPit tells the whole journey of a vehicle, right from the place of its inception. The information on the platform is regularly updated so you can learn about the most recent records of the vehicle as well. Try a free VIN check today!