New Mexico License Plate Lookup


Get a comprehensive history of a used car

  • Specifications and equipment details.
  • Accidented or stolen.
  • Known and hidden repairs.
  • Past and present market values.
  • Sales records, title issues, and liens.

If you are a New Mexico resident or recently settling in the state, you must conform to the license plate regulations. Whether you are purchasing a new car or used one, or transferring to the state, you need to pass through the MVD for your New Mexico license plate.

The Motor Vehicle department gives you 30 days to pay for the fees and register. That applies to both buyers and those transferring the vehicles from another state. Since you cannot drive without registering and plating your vehicle, we will help you perform a license plate lookup.

What Can I Do with a New Mexico License Plate Number?

You have to perform the registration process by yourself by visiting the MVD office. After acquiring an nm license plate, though, you need to verify a few things. This especially applies to those who are buying used cars. If you are purchasing a new car too, running a proper check is also necessary.

Having a look involves a New Mexico license plate search online. Some websites offer such services, and they are accessible if you are connected to the internet. The nm license plate lookup will help you view the following information:

  • The registered vehicle with the license plate
  • Pictures of the vehicle and its essential information such as the make and model
  • The title brand such as hail damage, flood, and salvage
  • Any accidents involved
  • Verifying if the car suits special designations such as rental or taxi use
  • Whether there are any theft cases or if the car has been involved in the same

All this information is provided by the New Mexico plate when you run it on a look-up. In short, you will get all the vehicle history reports, which aids in better decision-making before using it on your car.

How Do I Lookup My New Mexico License Plate Number?

Once you qualify for registration from the MVD, the next step is searching for an online nm license plate lookup. The process is quite simple as it involves the following:

Step 1: Get the license plate number, write it down, or use your phone to get a photo.

Step 2: Head to the online lookup website and enter the number in the provided input box. Ensure that what you have inserted is correct figures before hitting the Search button.

Step 3: Check for the results that appear. The process is instant, depending on how fast the Mexico license plate lookup is and your internet connection.

If you already have a New Mexico license plate and would like to use it on another vehicle, that is also possible. MVD facilitates the process, too, but you need to ensure that the old and the new car are of the same class.

Once you pay for the fees and attain all the requirements, such as verifying you are the owner, MVD will facilitate the rest. Before using the license plate on the next vehicle, you can also use the nm DMV license plate lookup to check for any faults.

Types of New Mexico License Plates

Here are some of the New Mexico license plates you will get from the MVD:

  • Standard: We have Chile, standard red and yellow, and the Centennial license plates.
  • Vintage: This one goes to the horseless carriages.
  • Collegiate: This type is given to the higher institutions of learning. That includes the universities, colleges, and institutes.
  • Handicapped: It belongs to disabled individuals.
  • Military and veterans: It’s given to those who served in the army and air force and the honored veterans.
  • Organizations: If the vehicle is to be used by a company or agency, among other types of organizations, then this is the type of New Mexico license plate to apply.
  • Motorcycle: Here, we have all the bikes represented, and this category also involves a horseless carriage, veteran motorcycles, fully disabled veterans, and the Children’s Trust Fund.
  • Firefighter, police, and EMT: This type is awarded to law enforcers, those in the fire department, and emergency medical technicians.

Vehicles and motorcycles can also have the nm vanity plate. They are prestigious types, and you can order them online as you engage in a license plate lookup for the same. After the application, the shipping cost is free.


If you are a New Mexico resident with a car, the above represents what you should know about the New Mexico license plate lookup and what the plate can tell. Always check for more information about the car in use by using the nm license plate lookup through VinPit.