Washington VIN Check


Washington VIN Check

Washington is the only state in America that has been named after a US president, George Washington. It was registered as a state in 1889, and is located in the pacific northwest region of America, and has great importance due to its location and history.

As of 2016, the state has a population of about 7 million, with over 2,935,656 registered vehicles in the state. A VIN check run in the state of Washington allows you to know the entire history of a registered vehicle.

This information is crucial in the case of buying and selling vehicles and will allow the user to gather a complete overview of the vehicle being inspected. The article serves as a gateway to run a complete VIN check and its importance as well, regarding the state of Washington.

Why Run a VIN Check in Washington?

VIN is a 17-digit number associated with a vehicle for online record-keeping. It is maintained by the Washington State Department of Licensing, DOL.

A VIN checkup allows you to know about key aspects of the vehicle. You can see the information, such as title brands, owner history, vehicle lien records, theft history, accidental history, insurance claims, title, and other specifications with the help of this VIN.

The VIN check allows you to avoid fraudulent buying or selling of vehicles. The VIN check is highly advised when you are planning to do any of the following:

  • The vehicle is being acquired or sold by a resident of the state of Washington to a non-resident.
  • When a resident of Washington is trying to apply for the title of a vehicle, such as a truck or a taxi.
  • When you want to know about the damage history of the vehicle, the VIN can help you determine if the vehicle has been branded by a certain type of damage.

What Will You Get From a Washington VIN Search?

Upon conducting a VIN search, you will get the following information:

  • The complete owner history of the vehicle and the state of origin.
  • The safety ratings of the vehicle.
  • The accidental history of the vehicle.
  • The market value of the vehicle. This information helps in fair dealing with the buyer.
  • Thefts and related accidents that the vehicle may have been involved in.
  • The conditions of the spare parts in the vehicle and the accuracy of the odometer.
  • The specific uses associated with a vehicle according to its usage in the past, such as a taxi-use, truck-usage, or rental usage.

How to Perform a VIN Number Lookup in Washington?

There are many ways to perform a VIN check in the state of Washington. A VIN number is issued by the DOL to every vehicle entering the state of Washington. This includes all sorts of bikes, cars, trucks, trailers, and other vehicles as well.

A brief description of all methods to perform a VIN number lookup is as follows:

  • VinPit VIN lookup: It is the easiest and most convenient way for a resident of the state of Washington to put in the 17-digit VIN number of the vehicle in the search bar of VinPit. A complete report about the vehicle history is generated within seconds.
  • Contact the DOL: You can contact the DOL by calling them at 360.902.3770. The DOL is not liable to give out any specific information about the vehicle. They may be inclined to share the information of the vehicle if the title is valid and clear of the lienholder. You can email the DOL at [email protected] and request a complete list of information following the VIN number of the vehicle.
  • Visit the office: You can also visit your local DMV or the DOL with the VIN number with you so that you can easily get the information you want.


The VIN is an identification number for the vehicle. The information about the current condition and the history of the vehicle is associated with the VIN. Looking up a VIN of the vehicle through VinPit gives you a complete picture of the vehicle.

The other method of conducting a VIN check includes visiting and contacting the DOL office. Comparatively, VinPit provides you reliable information about the vehicle instantly without any hassle.