Iowa Vehicle Title Search


Iowa Vehicle Title Search

In Iowa, a VIN inspection is required only if the car owner wishes to rebrand a salvaged vehicle. However, it is always recommended to perform an Iowa vehicle title search whenever you are considering investing in a new car.

VinPit provides title check and VIN inspection data on any vehicle that you want to register in Iowa state. Search through our huge database through the VIN number of any car and find data on the accidents, title brands, ownership records, and more.

Why Is Iowa Vehicle Title Search So Important?

The primary reason to do a title search on a vehicle in Iowa is for finding out the records of past accidents. If the vehicle was involved in any major collisions, it can add a question mark to the on-road reliability of the vehicle.

Not to forget the fact that Iowa places the blame and cost of an accident on the party at fault. If your car is involved in an accident due to improper condition of the car, you will have to bear the resulting losses.

Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that the vehicle you purchase is in top-notch condition. You can also find the owner of a vehicle by vin number for free through a title search.

What Will You Get Through Iowa Vehicle Title Search?

The information revealed from an Iowa vehicle title search depends on the method you follow for accessing it. A VIN check through VinPit can get you the following data:

  • Accident records
  • Manufacturer data
  • Theft records
  • Title brands
  • Ownership records
  • Maintenance history
  • Type of usage (rental, taxi, police car, etc.)
  • Liens

How to Perform Iowa Vehicle Title Search?

There are multiple ways to perform an Iowa vehicle title search. These include:

  • Free Iowa title search through VinPit
  • Paid Iowa VIN inspection through DOT

Free Iowa title search through VinPit

VinPit gathers data from official public records and vehicle databases of Iowa and other states. When you search for a VIN through VinPit, it runs it through all these databases and finds results matching the VIN in nationwide entries.

The result is a comprehensive report of the vehicle and other data regardless of whether it was registered in the state or outside Iowa.

The entire process is completely free and does not require signup. The only labor you need to do is find the VIN of the vehicle, which is quite easy to obtain.

Paid Iowa VIN inspection through DOT

The Department of Transportation, Iowa, dictates the official process to follow when doing a VIN inspection on any vehicle in the state. This procedure is done only to inspect the vehicles of salvage and rebrand their registration.

It is a lengthy process that requires you to take the vehicle to a preassigned location for VIN inspection. There is also a fee required for every inspection you requested through this channel.


Iowa vehicle title search, while not required except for salvage vehicles, is highly recommended to avoid on-road losses of life and property. In this regard, VinPit provides free and in-depth title reports that give you intel on the entire journey of a car.

Be a intelligent buyer and always make use of this free VIN lookup before investing your hard-earned money in something so important. A quick VIN lookup can be the difference between buying a good deal or wasting your money on a lemon.