Nebraska (NE) Title Search


Nebraska (NE) Title Search

Registering an out of state vehicle in Nebraska requires you to do a VIN inspection on the vehicle, along with a Nebraska title search. The original documents and physical inspection is done by authorized government agencies before the registration is completed.

This is because when you are buying a used car, you never know about the past of the vehicle and whether it is as genuine as the dealer claims. Even if you buy a used Nebraska car, you should do a VIN check on the vehicle for due diligence.

VinPit provides free VIN lookup services for any car registered in the US. Enter the 17 digit VIN and find out about the entire past of the car you want to buy.

Why Does Nebraska (NE) Title Search So Important?

Unless you are buying a used car from a friend or a relative, you will not know about how the car has been used and maintained. Car dealers often lie about the condition of the vehicle just to make a sale, so you will never know about the flaws in the car through them.

However, all major incidents and data about a vehicle is attached to its VIN number. Therefore, if you do a VIN inspection and title search, you will know if the car has any title brands, accident records, or even fake ownership certificates.

Car thefts are common in the US, and the stolen cars are often sneaked in the used car market. A car title check provides you the necessary stamp of approval to know if the car you are thinking about buying is just as genuine as the dealer claims it to be.

What Will You Get from Nebraska (NE) Title Search?

A Nebraska title search through VinPit can provide you with the following data:

  • Owner Information: Learn about previous owners of the vehicle, along with information on each.
  • Recalls: There are instances when the manufacturer recalls a vehicle if there is an inherent defect that cannot be fixed. Find out if a car has been recalled by the manufacturer through title search.
  • Accidents: Major accidents render a vehicle unreliable on the road due to significant repairs that the vehicle has gone through. A VIN search provides the records of past accidents pertaining to the vehicle.
  • Title Brands: Title brands are tags like flood damage, hail damage, totalled, salvage, reconstructed, etc. People often want to avoid buying a car with a title brand due to the damage it has faced.

How to Perform Nebraska (NE) Car Title Search

A title search for a car in Nebraska can be done through multiple ways. The most popular ones include:

VinPit VIN Search

VinPit is a third-party service linked to countless vehicle databases nationwide. State DMV title searches often ignore data and incidents that occur out of state. However, VinPit shows each and every information present on record regardless of the location of the vehicle.

A title search through VinPit only requires the VIN of the vehicle, which can be found on the vehicle documents. In case you do not have access to the documents, you can also check the VIN on the front end of the dashboard, near the driver’s side.

Once you have the VIN number, enter it in VinPit’s search box and click on the search button. Within seconds you will find a detailed title report on the vehicle.

eDMV Title Search

Nebraska’s online eDMV portal also provides title searches and lien information for any car in the state. However, the information that is visible through this method is quite limited as compared to third-party alternatives.


When you are buying a used car, you are also buying the problems that come along with it. This is why before finalizing the purchase it is quite vital to do a quick VIN check on the car.

With free VIN check that VinPit provides, there is no reason to take a risk on your investment. Many buyers feel cheated after buying a used car once the car starts giving them trouble. You don’t have to be one of them. Try VinPit's free VIN lookup right away!