New Jersey (NJ) Title Search


New Jersey (NJ) Title Search

There are a lot of people in the market for buying a used car in New Jersey. NJ Vehicle title search is important for all potential used car buyers so they do not invest their money in a lemon.

VinPit provides free online VIN lookups for any vehicle through which you can know about the entire history of the vehicle. The data is pulled from authentic official records to present you with accurate information related to the vehicle.

VIN lookup is useful not just for the buyer but also for the seller as well. Read below to find out more about why you need a VIN lookup in New Jersey and what information you can find through it.

Why Does New Jersey (NJ) Title Search So Important?

Doing a title search in New Jersey is not mandated by law, but is quite recommended to buyers for due diligence.

An NJ title search provides details on all the accidents that the vehicle was involved in. Major accidents suggest that the vehicle has undergone major repairs. This can question the reliability of the vehicle on the road.

Title searches also provide title brands on the vehicle, such as flood damage, hail damage, salvage, totalled, and more. While vehicles with title brands are not always bad, it is a good idea to look for other options in case there is a title brand involved.

There are many other things that a seller may not reveal to the buyer, such as the maintenance history of the vehicle or the number of previous owners. A title search will provide insight into all of this data.

For car dealers, New Jersey law recommends putting a clear price tag on every car they are selling. Therefore, sellers also rely on the title search to decide on a price point of the vehicle.

What Can You Expect from New Jersey (NJ) Title Status?

A New Jersey title search can provide the following information for the vehicle:

  • Manufacturer Details
  • Accident Records
  • Title Brands
  • Maintenance records
  • Theft Records
  • Theft records
  • Liens
  • Ownership records

How to Do New Jersey (NJ) Title Search?

There are two ways through which you can do a title search in New Jersey. These include::

Getting a detailed title report through VinPit

VinPit is a third-party platform that gathers vehicle information from government databases and compiles it into a detailed report that contains the entire journey of the vehicle. You can find your vehicle details through VinPit by using the VIN of the vehicle.

Here is how to do an NJ title search on VinPit:

The process is quick as well as easy. You can use VinPit to do a title search on your vehicle or even someone else’s vehicle provided you have their VIN.

Getting title details through DO-22 form

A DO-22 form is used in New Jersey to get the title details of your vehicle. In case you want to do a title search on someone else’s car, it needs notarized permission from the car owner.

Additionally, there is a $15 fee on every title search you do through a DO-22 form. A photocopy of the requester’s driving license is needed with the search form.


While there are many ways to do an NJ title search, VinPit is by far the best of them. Not only do you avoid the $15 fee that the alternative requires, but you also get detailed information through a VIN check by state.

Don’t fall into the traps that most unaware people get scammed by. Do a free VIN check today!