Minnesota VIN Check


Minnesota VIN Check

Minnesota is the 12th largest state in the U.S with respect to the covered area and the 21st by the population counter. According to a survey in 2016, there are a total of 2,081,723 registered cars in this state.

A vehicle identification number is a combination of numbers and alphabets that encloses vital information about the history of the vehicle. Any type of investigation regarding the vehicle, being used or sold in Minnesota, can be conducted through the Minnesota VIN check.

No legal transactions can take place involving a vehicle in Minnesota if there is no vehicle identification number on it. Let's take a look at how the Minnesota VIN check assists you in running a background check on a vehicle.

Why Should I Run a Minnesota VIN Check?

In the state of Minnesota, the VIN check has become a necessity to streamline the process of vehicle sales. Tampering with the vehicle identification number or completely removing it is considered a VIN fraud. A VIN fraud in Minnesota will be declared a felony.

It is recommended to run a VIN search and avoid becoming a victim of vehicle fraud. It presents you with all the necessary information about the vehicle you are dealing with at that time. Here's what you can see through the Minnesota VIN check service:

  • You can gain access to information about the past drivers of the vehicle.
  • The information regarding the odometer of the vehicle can help in detecting any kind of odometer fraud.
  • You can know whether the vehicle was declared as "lemon" or was repurchased by the manufacturer as it can help you in the safety of driving that vehicle.

What Information Will You Get From a Minnesota VIN Search?

The 'National Motor Vehicle Title Information System' is responsible for managing all information regarding vehicles in the United States of America. In the case of Minnesota, the NMTVS of Minnesota handles the database which provides all the necessary information about the registered vehicles in Minnesota.

You will get the following information from the Minnesota VIN check:

  • The current state of the vehicle along with the title state.
  • The brand of the vehicle can help you prevent overpaying for a vehicle that has been damaged or rebuilt previously.
  • The accurate and real readings of the Odometer of the vehicle. This saves you from becoming a victim of rolling-back odometers.
  • The complete damage history of the vehicle would provide a thorough report of all kinds of damages the vehicle has incurred due to any natural disasters or accidents.
  • The theft reports reveal if the concerned vehicle has ever been involved in a theft incident or not.

How to Lookup a VIN Number in Minnesota?

There are three ways to look up a vehicle identification number in Minnesota:

    • Online Procedure: This is the easiest and quickest way to conduct a VIN lookup in Minnesota. It requires the person to simply visit the VinPit website and enter the VIN of the concerned vehicle. It will display the complete record of the vehicle.
    • Mailing Procedure: Another authentic way to request a VIN lookup in Minnesota is to order the report by mail. There are a few steps involved in this procedure which are:
      • Downloading and printing the form of Driver and Vehicle Services record request (DVS).
      • Provision of written consent, if the record is for another person.
      • Inclusion of certified documents such as driver's license, government-issued identification card/notarized signature.
      • Addition of the necessary information about the vehicle i.e.make and year, the license plate number, and VIN.
      • The fee of the transaction.
        • If you are requesting your record then the fee is $9.00 for a non-certified copy, $10 for a certified copy, and $11 for a certified copy and license issuance date letter.
        • If you are requesting the record for someone else then the fee is $9.50 for a non-certified copy, $10.50 for a certified copy, and $11.50 for a certified copy and license issuance date letter.
    • Office Procedure: In this method, you can visit the DMV Minnesota office in person and request information. You will be required to book an appointment, pay the fee, and submit the necessary documents.


Minnesota VIN lookup can be conducted through three different methods. The information accessed by utilizing a Minnesota VIN and Vehicle title lookup can provide a person with all the important and necessary information about the vehicle which is being sold or bought to be used in the territory of Minnesota.

The easiest and most reliable method is to use the VinPit website. It brings the complete report of the vehicle's history instantly, without any hassle.