California VIN Check


California VIN Check

If you are in the market for a used car in California, you have perhaps already decided to run a VIN check. But if you have not, this is the time to pause and hear us out! According to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office, senior citizens often become the target of fraudulent auto dealers.

Unethical dealers may hide the poor condition of a used vehicle to the consumers with attractive deals. A good-looking car is not financially qualified to be used unless it passes a California DMV VIN check.

Obtaining a VIN report is the perfect way to ensure that you have made a perfect purchase. Let us look at the different factors that make a free VIN Check California an efficient tool for consumers and ethical sellers alike.

Why Needs to Run a California VIN Check?

A California DMV VIN check reveals all the hidden secrets associated with a used car, such as car thefts, sales, accidents, sales, titles, vehicle specifications, ownership, and odometer readings from government sources in the country. Each vehicle has a unique VIN identifier assigned to it.

In California, it's essential to perform a VIN verification before registering a vehicle. The practice ensures that the vehicle remains compliant with federal road safety and smog emission standards.

What Will You Know from a California VIN Lookup?

A California VIN check report is exceptionally detailed, with all the relevant information you need to get a bang for the bucking vehicle.

Here are some of the elements that you will unravel after running a VIN search California - accident claims, title claims, history of ownership, theft records and complaints, prior damages, odometer readings, salvage rebuilds, and much more.

Moreover, every VIN identifier is a 17 digit code, curated such that every digit represents a very specific piece of information about the car. Here is a little bit more about a car's VIN:

  • 1st digit- the country of your car's origin.
  • 2nd digit- the company that manufactured your car.
  • 3rd digit- the type of car.
  • 4th to 8th- model, construction type, transmission type, restraint system, engine’s code.
  • 9th digit- core/check digit to detect invalid VIN.
  • 10th digit- the year of your car.
  • 11th digit- plant where your car was manufactured and assembled.
  • 12th to 17th digit- a sequence that denotes the code that your car was given while being assembled.

That covers all the information about the car's past as well as an extensive amount of data on its specifications. A VIN check in California is not only helping you uncover any potential pitfalls, but also helps you decide if those are the right specification that you want in your car.

How to Check a VIN Number in California?

Performing a VIN check in California is quite simple. In order to note the VIN personally, you need to look at the following locations- the driver's side door, the dashboard, the engine's block, and the spare tire well.

Once you have noted the identifier, here are the two most reliable methods of performing a California VIN check. VinPit offers users a free VIN lookup n minutes. All the information from the official government database is accumulated onto a single platform. Here’s how you go about it:

  • Hop on the VinPit website
  • Type in your VIN of your car
  • Hit the “Check VIN” tab

The second method is to use government services for running a VIN check. Often the process takes much longer than a search on VinPit would take. However, if you wish to use this route, you can contact the California DMV office, submit the applicable fees and wait for the report to pop up in your mailbox!

Other Resources

Due to the increasing awareness among consumers, the government has initiated measures to prevent fraudulent sales and purchases. Considering the massive statistics on car fraud, car theft, and fraudulent resales, users now have the portals to unravel the real truth behind a used vehicle.

Here are some of the government resources that may come in handy when you are car shopping:


A California VIN check is a very efficient tool to not only protect yourself from unethical car sellers but also to get the most competitive prices on the market. Due to the heavy influx of reports on the resale of a stolen or damaged vehicle, it is imperative to use these services.

Don’t take a risk and purchase someone else's nightmare; equip yourself with in-depth information on your potential car. Stick to the adage of – let the consumer beware and protect yourself from a lifetime of regret with a free California VIN check that literally takes a few minutes.