VW VIN Decoder

VW or the Volkswagen VIN decoder is beneficial, especially when buying a used car. Are you wondering, how?

Here is everything you should know about VW VIN decoder before trying it out.

What Is VW VIN Decoder & How It Works?

VW VIN decoder is the Volkswagen Vehicle Identification Number, a unique number of 17 characters assigned to every Volkswagen vehicle. Each VIN is different and acts as a unique recognition number to a car, just like a fingerprint.

This 17-character code contains numerals and alphabets, each of which is assigned a meaning. Thus, these characters can reveal a lot of information on the vehicle like its engine type, color, manufacturing year, manufacturing company, and so on.

VIN can be found either imprinted on the Volkswagen vehicle itself or your title or vehicle registration form.

How to Decode an RV VIN with a VW VIN Lookup Service?

It may take longer than usual to decode an RV VIN if done manually. Moreover, if you are unaware of what character stands for what, it may be impossible to do without proper research.

To make it easier than ever, you can use the VW VIN lookup service to decode an RV VIN. Here are the few steps to follow for the same:

Find the RV VIN

The first step involves finding the RV VIN. If you have a Volkswagen RV, here are some of the places you should look for the VIN:

  • On the outside of the vehicle’s dashboard (see from the outside of the windshield on the driver’s side)
  • Inside of the door frame on the driver’s side (particularly where the door jamb connects to the body of the car)
  • Under the front hood of the vehicle
  • On the auto parts of the vehicle like on the engine etc.
  • On the driver’s side door in the starting

Open A VW VIN Lookup

Once you have located the VIN, go to the free VW VIN lookup service provided by VinPit.

Fill The VIN

On the free service lookup website, you will find a VIN decoder with a search bar. Type your VIN in the given box and hit enter.


Once you hit enter or tap on Decode, all the details on the VIN will be displayed on the screen within seconds. You can also get a vehicle history report from the same, save and download it too.

What Can You Get with a Volkswagen VIN Decoder?

A plethora of information about a Volkswagen vehicle can be obtained from a VW VIN decoder. Here is what each character in a Volkswagen VIN stands for:

1st character

The 1st character denotes the country of manufacturing. It could be a number or an alphabet. If it starts with ‘1’, the vehicle is manufactured in the USA.

Number 2 stands for Canada, alphabet J stands for Japan, etc.

2nd character

The second character can again be an alphabet or number and stands for the company/ manufacturer of the vehicle.

For instance, a Volkswagen vehicle will have V as a second character, a Ford vehicle has F, Mercedes Bens is denoted by letter D, and so on.

3rd character

The 3rd character stands for the vehicle type or the manufacturing division in which the vehicle was manufactured.

The first three characters as a whole are also considered as the World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI).

4th to 8th character

The 4th to 8th character of the VIN provides general information about the vehicle like body style, the color of the vehicle, engine type, model, series, weight class, transmission type etc.

The 4th to 8th characters are collectively termed as Vehicle Description Section (VDS).

9th character

The 9th character is a check digit, which is a security identification number that helps in recognizing if the VIN is original or not. It is an algebraic value calculated through the value of each character of the VIN.

10th character

The 10th character is used to identify the year in which the vehicle was manufactured. It is based on a 30-year differential i.e. For example, a vehicle manufactured in 1980 or 2010 is coded as A, a vehicle manufactured in 1981 or 2011 is coded as B, and so on.

11th character

The 11th character is a code of the manufacturing plant where the vehicle was built.

12th to 17th character

The last six digits are known as the sequential vehicle order or production number.

Why Do You Need to Run a VW VIN Lookup?

You may find the need to run a VW VIN lookup for various reasons like:

  • To get accurate information on the used vehicle you are purchasing from a dealer/seller
  • To check the contents on the vehicle provided by the seller with the VIN decoder information
  • To check if the VIN is not fake or fabricated
  • To get other information on any vehicle like if the vehicle is repaired, repossessed etc.


1. How do you read a VW VIN?

One can easily read a VIN by running a free VIN decoder VW service like VinPit.

A lookup decodes the whole VIN within a few seconds, and the results are displayed on the screen.

2. Where is the engine code on the VW VIN?

You can then look for the engine code by running a VIN lookup. Or you can look for it over the head of the engine of your vehicle.

The 8th character in the VIN decodes the engine code. Just Google it or ask your dealer to decode it for you.

3. What VW vehicle information can be extracted from VIN?

You will obtain engine specifications, vehicle features, technical specifications, vehicle style and trim, interior and exterior information, and other related information from running a VIN lookup.

4. What is the manufacturer code for VW RV?

The manufacturer code in Volkswagen RV is indicated by the letter V. It is the second character of the VIN.

5. In what year is my VW RV manufactured if the 10th character is coded as ‘Y’?

If the 10th character of the VIN in the VW vehicle is coded by ‘Y’, it means the vehicle is manufactured in the year 2000.


VinPit is the best VIN decoder service that decodes your VW VIN within seconds. You can also run a license plate look, extract vehicle history reports, and much more at no cost. Try it out now.