Florida License Plate Lookup

A license plate is one of the greatest inventions to have rocked the automobile industry. Not assigning these unique IDs to automobiles would mean more issues of car theft and other similar crimes.

Before now, you needed to visit the department of motor vehicles (DMV) to perform a license plate lookup. This process is usually very strenuous and generally involves joining long queues and taking numbers before you are attended to. However, an upgrade in digital technology has brought ease to the entire process. From the comfort of your leather upholstery, you can now conduct Florida license plates free lookup. For best results, use an efficient platform like VinPit. Read on to know more about Florida license plates.

What is a Florida license plate?

A license plate is not new in Florida. This identification plate has been in use since far back 1905.

During the early period of use, Florida residents were given the liberty to design their license plates. Soon after, the license plate landscape turned a corner. Now, only the states have the legal rights to issue license plates to its residents, a process that began on January 1, 1918. Florida license plates are issued by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV).

Florida, popularly known as the sunshine state is also known to be a fertile breeding ground for oranges. It is therefore not surprising to find these two things on the vehicle's identification plates. The current Florida license plate was rolled out in December 2003. Its height and width dimensions are 30cm and 15cm respectively. Besides, the metal registration plate is designed and coated with aluminum.

The Florida DHSMV offers up to two different kinds of slogan on license plates. The prominent ones are the 'In God, we trust' and 'sunshine state' motto. Meanwhile, there is now the 'county' slogan for some selected counties in the state.

You must register your vehicles with the government in Florida before you start plying the road. The directive might be a little different for those who just started working or living in Florida but have their vehicles registered in another. In this case, you are mandated by the law to register your vehicle with the government within ten days of residence in the state. In summary, Florida license plates are rectangular-shaped material. The identification tag has the 'my Florida. Com' at the top of the plate, the serial number at the middle, while the slogan is located beneath the serial number.

Types of Florida license plates

There are various types of Florida license plates. Traditionally, these license plates have a validity period of only 10 years. You are expected to replace the tag after this period. The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles issues various types of license tags for different purposes. One, the government sees it as a means of raising revenue for specific organizations. Two, the Florida license plates are meant to massage some citizens' ego. Below are some types of license plates issued in Florida.

Standard License plate

The standard license plate is the commonest type of license plate used in Florida. A survey shows that over 22 million Florida citizens currently use it. The tag was introduced in 1994 after it was discovered that a lot of tourists died as a result of entering some rental cars. So, the label is mostly used by rental vehicles to track their activities.

With the standard Florida license plate, you can either choose the 'In God, we trust' or the 'sunshine state' slogan. The license tag has an orange and a blossoming background with an imprint of the serial code at the plate tag center. The validation must be attached to the plate, usually at the top right corner. This validation sticker carries the month and year of license expiration.

Personalized License plate

As the name depicts, a personalized license plate simply means a license plate customized to suit your taste. Personalized license plate users are given the freedom to choose unique digits or alphabets to be embossed on their plates. In fact, they can pick as many as seven characters, space and symbols included. They also have the option of five characters

You can pick names like HUBBY, WIFEY, or even MIAMI. However, you may need to do an online search to know if other vehicle owners have not chosen the name already. Besides the standard fees, you may need to pay an additional amount of $15 to get the personalized tag. You can get this Florida license plate for your cars, bikes, etc. Usually, the tag will be mailed to your residence 90 days after applying.

The Specialty tag

If you would like to support or honor some organizations, this is the perfect license plate for you. The money obtained from the license application is donated to your desired organization. Specialty tag comes with its own cost; you are to pay an annual fee of $15-$25 for the label. Aside from the yearly fee, you will need to pay a $5 processing fee every year. On your specialty license plate, you can inscribe the organization's name that you wish to honor. You can quickly get this license plate from your local tax collector's office.

Veteran License tag

Veterans are great people who have contributed positively to the security of the United States. Florida is a state with the highest number of veterans. The state has many mouth-watering benefits for the veterans, one of which is the veteran Florida license plate. The 'military' designated plates are obtained for a paltry amount of dollars; however, you need to present the military service discharge form when applying for the tag.

Temporary tag

When you buy your car, the dealer must help you get a temporary tag, pending the time you will get a license plate. In Florida, temporary tags for vehicles bought through a car dealership last for 30 days. It would be best if you got your license plate before the expiration of the temporary tag ultimatum. Meanwhile, a period of 10 days is given to vehicles awaiting registration consideration.

Other license plates include disability tags, medical plates, collegiate license plates, sports tags, and others.

Legal Requirement For Title and Vehicle Registration in Florida

A vehicle's title is an essential certificate for various reasons. One, the vehicle title shows that you are the legal owner of the vehicle. Secondly, it is a vital document needed for vehicle registration. Also, it contains all the information about the automobile. In Florida, trailers or bicycles weighing less than 2-kilo pounds do not need to obtain the certificate. Below are categories of people who need to get a car title:

  • Those that just bought a car
  • Those who just received a car as a result of the transfer of car ownership
  • Cars that are not registered in Florida

To register a vehicle in Florida, you must have the following documents:

  • Title
  • ID Proof
  • Auto Insurance Documents from Florida
  • Payment of registration at your local DHSMV (Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles) location

You can follow these steps to title and register your vehicle in Florida:

  • Demand for an online or visit the DHMSV office in person. The fee varies; you tend to pay less if you've already registered the vehicle in another state. You can budget an average of $100
  • Your vehicle seller should fill the vehicle transfer part while you fill in the certificate of title application section
  • Submit valid proof of auto insurance
  • Present a copy of the Florida insurance affidavit
  • Make payment for title transfer

If your vehicle is from another state, you must do the following:

  • Get a Florida driver's license
  • Get auto insurance in Florida
  • Get a VIN and an odometer filling done

Once you get your vehicle registered, you would be given a metal plate, registration, and validation sticker. If you don't register your vehicle within the stipulated time, you may have to pay a delinquent fee.

What Can You Find Through a Florida License Plate Search?

Buying a fairly-used car comes with its cons. Before now, there has been a steady increase in odometer fraud, i.e., identity fraud. Some car owners steal a vehicle identification number (VIN) and try using it on another vehicle. To prevent legal tussles, you must be careful before purchasing a car or motorcycle.

Florida license plate search is straightforward, thanks to the ever-developing technology. In fact, with Vinpit.com, you have access to a free license plate lookup. To achieve this, input the prospective vehicle's Florida license plate details into the space provided on the website. Immediately, you will be provided with the vehicle's complete report. Some of the reports include:

  • The Vehicle Features and specifications
  • Safety ranking
  • Fuel management
  • The vehicle's warranty
  • Auto Insurance
  • Inspection records
  • Equipment details


If you cancel your auto insurance, is it mandatory that you turn in your license plate?

Yes, you must. Once you cancel your insurance package, you must return the tag to your local tax collector or DHSMV.

Must you pay the initial registration fee even though the car is not new?

Yes, it is mandatory. Section 320.072 Florida law stipulates that you pay a fee of $225 upon the registration of the vehicle.

Is it possible to retrieve a lost or damaged license plate?

Yes, it is. You can either get the tag back through the online route or physical representation. To follow the online path, log in to a credible e-tag portal and fill in the required details. In no time, you will get back your Florida license plate.

Alternatively, you can visit the DHSMV office with the following document:

  • An application for tag replacement
  • Your present vehicle details/registration
  • The damaged license plate (rare cases though)
  • Payment

What license plate lookup site would you recommend?

There are lots of platforms out there but only few give you as many details as VinPit. Vinpit.com is a credible website where you can smoothly perform a free license plate lookup. Besides, you can also check your vehicle reports by mere inputting your Florida license plate details into the space provided on the website. The site decodes Vehicle Identification Number furnishing you with several information like the vehicle brand, engine power, model year, the manufacturer, and the rest.

What happens if you get caught while driving an unregistered vehicle?

This is very dangerous; please do not do this. For instance, if you drive a car whose license has expired for less than six months, the offence won’t be deemed criminal; instead, you will be penalized. But if your license is way past six months, it would be termed a criminal offence, and this can hinder you from getting a job in the future.

Here are some penalties that come with driving a car that lacks a valid registration:

  • You may pay a fine up to $500
  • Serve a jail term of 60days
  • You may be placed on probation for six months

Vinpit.com is a credible website where you can smoothly perform a free license plate lookup. Besides, you can also check your vehicle reports by merely inputting your Florida license plate details into the space provided on the website. The site decodes Vehicle Identification Number furnishing you with several information like the vehicle brand, engine power, model year, the manufacturer, and the rest.


Knowing every detail about a car has never gotten easier than now. You can conduct a license plate lookup for free using VinPit. Armed with information from this search, you reduce your chances of getting into fraudulent transactions or buying a stolen vehicle. Now that you've been furnished with the right knowledge, we are sure that you know what to do whenever you have a problem with Florida license plate registration.