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  • Specifications and equipment details.
  • Accidented or stolen.
  • Known and hidden repairs.
  • Past and present market values.
  • Sales records, title issues, and liens.

Do you wish to get a new license plate in Washington and replace your old license plate with new customized ones? Or transfer plates to another vehicle? Or are you moving to Washington and would need new license plates?

In any case, here is needed information curated on the Washington license plate lookup that can help you out in understanding the Washington license plate rules.

What Is a Washington License Plate & How to Get One?

Every vehicle owner in Washington should have a valid license plate lookup WA before driving. You will need a Washington license plate if:

  • are purchasing a new vehicle or
  • You are a new resident of Washington.

To get a new license plate in Washington, the vehicle owner must register with the Department of Licensing (DOL) either in person or through the mail. One needs to apply for a new license plate in Washington within 30 days of being a Washington resident. You have to register for a driving license too.

If you need a new license plate for your new vehicle, you need to title and register your vehicle within 15 days only.

To apply for a new license plate, the applicant has to produce the following documents:

  • Bill of buying the vehicle
  • Vehicle title
  • Emissions certificate
  • Odometer statement
  • Registration fees (title service fee of $12 and registration service fee of $5)

One can also transfer and surrender their license plates in Washington anytime.

Types of Washington License Plates

There is no one type of Washington license plate you can get in Washington. There are a variety of options for any vehicle owner. However, getting a license plate other than the standard type may take a bit longer than usual.

Here are all types of license plates used in Washington.

Personalized Or Customized Plates

You can get unique designs imprinted on your license plates and even get the background design customized. You can also look for personalized plates to check their availability.

Disability License Plates

You can also get disability license plates in Washington for disabled army veterans, disabled parking, etc.

Specialized License Plates

Specialized license plates in Washington can be associated with:

  • Associations and organizations like the Central Washington University, the Seattle University, Washington State University, Gonzaga University, and others.
  • Military and veterans like Air Force, Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Gold Star, Purple Heart, Medal of Honor, Disabled American veteran, a former prisoner of war, amateur radio operator (HAM) etc.
  • Parks and environments like Washington's Wildlife, Endangered wildlife, Washington state, and national parks etc.
  • Special interests like aviation, music matters, tennis, wrestling, state flower, ski and ride, square dances etc.

Why Should You Run a Washington License Plate Lookup?

A Washington license plate lookup is essential when you are buying a used car. It is necessary to know the history behind the vehicle you will buy to avoid an unnecessary hassle in the future.

You never know what the history of the vehicle and its owner hold. A Washington license plate lookup helps you gather meaningful information on both by providing a comprehensive vehicle history report. It also acts as a significant purchasing decision-maker before finalizing the purchase.

A Washington license plate lookup can provide you information like:

  • If the car has been involved in any accidents in the past.
  • If the vehicle has been booked for any thefts. Or there are any active thefts recorded against it.
  • If the vehicle held a specific special designation in the past like being a police vehicle, rental vehicle, or used as a taxi.
  • If it has certain title brands.
  • The information related to mileage and odometer readings.
  • Other information like liens, repossessions under the vehicle.

How to Conduct a Washington License Plate Lookup?

It is straightforward to conduct a Washington license plate lookup. You can even look up the history of any vehicle in Washington for free using these license plate lookups.

You only need to know the license plate lookup number to extract that information from the source. Moreover, if you use the VIN of the vehicle, you can get more details of the vehicle using the license plate lookup service.

The data shown up on the Washington license plate lookup is extracted from various sources like local records, public databases, accident records, information from insurance companies and auto dealers, repair stations, inspection records, and so on.

If you are looking to buy a used car from a car dealer in Washington, don't forget to run a license plate lookup in any case. If you are looking for a free Washington license plate lookup, visit VinPit for immediate and up-to-date information.

Along with the vehicle history report, you can get detailed information using our VIN decoder services.