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  • Specifications and equipment details.
  • Accidented or stolen.
  • Known and hidden repairs.
  • Past and present market values.
  • Sales records, title issues, and liens.

Are you new to Arizona? Or is that the first time you are buying a used car in Arizona? In either case, it is essential to know the vehicle registration rules in Arizona to drive on its roads legally.

Here is everything you should know about Arizona license plate lookup, VIN check, vehicle registration policies, and much more in Arizona.  

Why Should You Look up an Arizona License Plate?

In your best interests, it is viable to have an Arizona license plate lookup before anything else if you are buying a used car.

Buying a used car is an affordable affair only if you buy it carefully. A used car’s history can be dark sometimes. Ending up buying such a vehicle that has been involved in accidents, is repossessed, or is a replica is like a death trap.

Running an Arizona license plate lookup is one step forward from saving yourself from entering such a deal.

Types of Arizona License Plate

There are at least seven types of license plates in Arizona. The requirements for each of the types may vary according to the resident’s employment type.

  • Standard license plate: Common to all, this type of plate can be issued by anyone.
  • Education: This license plate can be issued to only those related to any college and school in a specified way.
  • Military: This license plate is issued to those who have a history in the military like retired veterans, navy and army officers, etc.
  • Government license plates: It is issued to those related to government organizations or work in the Arizona government department.
  • Special cause license plates: These are issued to people with disabilities, and other specified groups of people who fall under the category.
  • Historic or classic car: These license plates are available to those who possess a vintage car.
  • Organization license plates: This section specifies various organizations that are issued such plates if you are linked to them in a specified way.

How Does An Arizona License Plate Work?

In Arizona, you will have to visit the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) office in person to get your vehicle registered. This should be done within 15 days of getting your new vehicle. There are penalties if the title application is submitted after this period is over.

Meanwhile, the vehicle owner can use a temporary plate to drive on the roads of Arizona. During this time, the vehicle can only be used for driving to the MVD office for inspection, tilting, or registration after getting a 3-day permit for restricted use.

The vehicle also has to go through an emission inspection process before it can be registered. According to Arizona laws, the license plates are issued to the owner and not to the vehicle. This also means the license plates are allowed to be transferred from one vehicle to another.

The registered Arizona license plate has three letters and four numbers. Arizona must have a rear license plate on a registered car to avoid getting a ticket.

Legal Requirements in Title and Vehicle Registration in Arizona?

If you are visiting the MVD office of Arizona in your respective state of Arizona, here is a list of documents you should carry along with you to get your vehicle titled or registered.

This is what’s needed in an application for vehicle titling or registration when you are buying a car from a private seller:

  • Vehicle identification number (vin)
  • Signed and notarized title received from the seller
  • General information about vehicles like vehicle name, year and model
  • Lien information in case of a financed vehicle
  • Other documents like power of attorney (original or certified copy), personal identification documents etc.

If you are buying a used car, getting them signed and notarized from the seller is a must. Now, take these title papers to the nearest MVD office along with the filled application form for Title and Registration of Vehicle i.e., Form 960236. This process is followed to get the vehicle registered officially in your name.



What Information Do You Get In An Arizona License Plate Lookup?

You get to know a lot about the vehicle with a license plate lookup. The info includes:

  • Accident records (if any)
  • If the vehicle was bought on loans
  • Vehicle title info, name, model, manufacturer, and engine information
  • Mileage and odometer readings
  • Inspection report
  • Salvage title brands
  • Info on repossessions, replicas, theft, etc.

Is It Legal To Lookup For A License Plate Number In Arizona?

Yes, even the Arizona DOT provides services for civilians to gain information on a license plate number. You can also conduct AZ license plate search via office, via mail, email, or even calling on its hotline number 602.255.0072.

Can I Get My Plates Transferred In Arizona?

Yes, in Arizona, you can transfer your license plate from one vehicle to another by submitting the request to Arizona DOT. If you meet their requirements, your plate transfer request will be accepted.

They also help staff meet your requirements if you have bought a car from a dealer. They can even provide a temporary registration plate to be used for a while.

What Is The Cost Of Arizona License Plates?

The registration fees of $8, title fees of $4, and air quality fees of $1.50 are to be paid initially.

Further, a temporary plate permit will cost you $1.50.


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