West Virginia (WV) Title Search


West Virginia (WV) Title Search

Before registering a car in West Virginia, a West Virginia title search is important. This is especially the case for used cars, where the vehicle history is a crucial factor for determining its on-road reliability.

Besides the basic requirements for a title registration in West Virginia, an added VIN lookup is helpful for the buyer, on account of due diligence.

VinPit provides free WV title search and VIN lookup online. There is no need to register for an account, simply run the VIN of the vehicle through VinPit and get all the information about it.

Why Makes West Virginia (WV) DMV Title Search So Important?

A DMV title search in West Virginia is indispensable, especially for a prospective buyer of a used car. This is because a title search and VIN inspection can provide information that is not apparent with a physical inspection or conversing with the dealer.

For example, 341 people died in car crashes in West Virginia in 2015 alone, and the number only goes up higher every year. These major accidents means that the vehicle will have to undergo serious repairs, questioning its performance on the road.

Some vehicles get title brands such as flood damage, salvage, totalled, hail damage, and more. These title brands represent the damage the vehicle has suffered in the past. While car dealers can make the brands go away, a VIN lookup will reveal these to you.

There are a lot of other factors that amplify the importance of a WV title search. You will understand this more when you read about the factors in detail in the next part.

What Can You Expect from West Virginia (WV) DMV Title Search?

The information revealed through West Virginia title search includes:

  • Manufacturer details: Find out where the vehicle was manufactured and the date of manufacturing.
  • Theft records: Learn about any active thefts on record for the vehicle. Also find out if there has been a theft investigation for the vehicle in the past.
  • Accident records: Find data on the major accidents in which the vehicle was involved.
  • Maintenance history: Know if the car has been well-maintained and serviced on time.
  • Liens: Get information on any outstanding lies against the vehicle.
  • Title brands
  • Usage: If the car has been used as a rental car, police car, car for hire, etc.
  • Recalls: Knowledge about any recall programs that pertain to the vehicle.

How to Do West Virginia (WV) Title Search?

In order to perform a title search in West Virginia, there are mainly two ways which you could follow:

  • Getting a detailed title report for free through VinPit
  • Doing a paid title search through DMV

Detailed Title Reports Through VinPit

VinPit gathers public record data from multiple sources nationwide. When you do a title search through VinPit, you get a vehicle history report that compiles all this information on the vehicle.

This means that there would be nothing of notice amiss about the vehicle in this report. Additionally, unlike the alternate method, accessing the report is completely free.

You only need the VIN of the vehicle in order to access this report. The VIN can be found in the car documents, or on the front end of the dashboard towards the driver side. Look through the windshield to view it.

Once you have the VIN, enter it in VinPit’s search box and click on the ‘Search’ button. VinPit will generate the report within a few seconds.

The data on the platform is frequently updated, so you can view the most recent information on the vehicle.

Basic Title Search Through DMV

Title searches can also be done officially through a DMV VIN check. For this purpose, you will need to visit the local DMV office in your area. Additionally, there is a fee that needs to be submitted with every title search you do.


If you want to gather intel on a used car or you want to recover the title of your own car, a West Virginia title search is the ideal thing to do. The best part is that you can do it conveniently through VinPit, without having to visit any office or pay any access fee online.

Try a free VinPit check today!