Mississippi License Plate Lookup

In Mississippi, the car they drive most is the Nissan Altima,no matter who may need an ms license plate to drive in this state that is famous for having the longest river in the world. There are seven types of plates with over 150 designs in Mississippi. You probably want to buy a used car that looks brand new but doesn't come with all the stress of a brand new car.

If you find a car like this, don’t forget to do a license plate lookup which gives you important information and the car’s history. Even if you buy a brand new car, when you want to drive in Mississippi, a Mississippi license plate is necessary. You can find the license plate number by VIN or do a direct license plate number lookup, and the license plate lookup can be online.

Here, you’ll find out how to find license plate numbers and why you should look up the license plates, especially when you need a Mississippi license plate.

Why Do I Use a Mississippi License Plate Lookup?

Knowing the car history is a valid consumer right in Mississippi, so you’re entitled to look up the license plate. With a Mississippi license plate lookup, you’ll find some needed information such as:

  • When the vehicle was manufactured - so you don't buy an outdated car.
  • The current owner of the car - so you’ll know you're buying from someone with a right to sell the car.
  • Any important damages the car might have that the new paint could be hiding.
  • If the car has been in enough accidents that make it risky to drive now.

Information like this convinces you that you won't have any problems after purchasing the car, so a license plate check in advance is very important when buying a new car.

How to Lookup Mississippi License Plate Numbers?

Usually, you’d walk into the Mississippi Department of Public Safety to get the information you need. However, we now live in a technologically advanced world. So, you needn’t join any long queues to do a Mississippi license plate lookup. You can now find a license plate number by VIN or just by providing the Mississippi license plate on the right internet sites.

In a few steps, here’s all you have to do:

  • Load the website.
  • Fill your VIN or ms license plate number into the designated box. Only put digits. Don’t include the spaces or dashes that are usually in the number.
  • Now that you have access to the information, use it to make your decision.

Some of these sites might charge you, but why not pay a small fee now so you can avoid spending a lot more money because of your ignorance in the future.

A VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and Mississippi plates make it easier to tell if there's going to be any trouble with a particular car. If you wish to find a license plate number by VIN, make sure the 17 alphanumeric digits are correct. One way to tell a fake VIN is the presence of the letters I, O, and Q.


You can use sites like VinPit, for more information on how to be a good car owner. From all the information above, you should be able to tell why you need to find your license plate number through a plate check on the right sites. So, if you wish to own or drive cars in Mississippi, make sure to do Mississippi license plates lookup in advance.