Mississippi Title Search


Mississippi Title Search

Doing a Title Search in Mississippi is important when one is looking forward to buying a used car. These searches turn out to be relevant even for finding the information about our vehicles.

With hundreds of thousands of vehicles in the used car market, you never know how a car has been used in the past.

This is why putting your money in a used car can seem to be a risky investment. However, doing a Mississippi title search can save you a lot of future trouble that a bad bet can bring.

VinPit provides Mississippi Title Searches for all the cars and other vehicles registered in the state of Mississippi. For doing these Title Searches, you just need to use the VIN of the vehicle and run it through VinPit.

Why Does Mississippi Title Search So Important?

Mississippi Title Search is important because of the following reasons:

Looking for Title Brands

Title Brands are shortcomings in the car that make it better to buy another used car instead of the one with a title brand. These brands include conditions like flood damage, hail damage, odometer rollback, salvage, and more.

Looking for History of Accidents

If a car has been involved in some serious accidents in the past, it can make reliability in the long term questionable. Title check provides these details to you.


Many vehicles are recalled by a company due to an inherent defect that is problematic even after repeated tries at repairs. Checking if a vehicle is part of a recall is important for a new car as well as a used car.


A Title Search can let you know if the vehicle you are thinking of buying is being searched for theft, or has been part of a robbery in the past.

What Can You Expect from Mississippi Vehicle Title Check?

Doing a Mississippi vehicle title check can provide you with a vehicle history report, which includes: 

  • Ownership Records
  • Liens
  • Accident History
  • Theft Records
  • Recall Programmes
  • Title Brands
  • Maintenance Records
  • Manufacturer Details

How to Do Mississippi (MS) Title Search?

There are many ways to do a Title Search in Mississippi. These require the VIN of the vehicle, which is fairly easy to find.

The first place where you can find the VIN is on the front end of the vehicle on the driver’s side. You can see this VIN through the windshield. The second place is near the door hinge which attaches the driver-side door to the car frame.

Detailed Title Search Through VinPit

VinPit is a third-party platform that provides title lookups for free. It gathers information from various official sources and compiles it into a detailed report that will answer all your questions about the vehicle. Here is how to do a VIN lookup through VinPit:

  • Find the VIN of the vehicle.
  • Enter the VIN under the VIN check tab and click on ‘Search’.
  • Wait for a few seconds and you will see the VIN report on your screen.

Title Information Through the Department of Revenue

The Department of Revenue, State of Mississippi can provide you with the basic details such as titles, country registration, state registration, and more. Their report is, however, not as comprehensive as the VinPit report.

For the inquiry into these records, you need to contact their customer helpline at: (601) 923-7200.


With updated Title information that VinPit provides, there is every reason to do a VIN lookup for the vehicle you intend to buy.

Countless buyers every day undermine the importance of a VIN lookup and later regret the choice when their vehicle starts to give them trouble.

Therefore, remain an informed buyer and do a free VIN check by state through VinPit right away.