Arkansas(AR) Title Search


Arkansas(AR) Title Search

The State of Arkansas does not require one to do a safety inspection, emissions check, or VIN inspections on their vehicle (except for vehicles with salvage Title brand).

However, for due diligence and for making sure that you are buying the right car, doing an Arkansas Vehicle Title Search is important. It will give you all the information about whether or not the vehicle is in good condition and will perform as you expect it to perform.

VinPit provides free Arkansas Title Search so you can find out the vehicle history completely free by running the VIN of the vehicle.

Why Do You Need Arkansas Title Search?

Arkansas Title Search is crucial for more reasons than one. Here are a few of these reasons:

Checking for Accidental Damages:

If the car was involved in any major accident, it might give trouble even after being repaired. A VIN search on the car will provide the accident records of the car as well as the Title brands (like hail damage, flood damage, salvaged vehicle, etc.)

Outstanding Liens:

When you purchase a vehicle, the liens against the vehicle will be owed by you. A VIN check details any outstanding liens against the vehicle so the buyer has complete information.

Avoiding Stolen Vehicles:

Some Arkansas cities have as much as 541 vehicle thefts per 100,000 vehicles. This brings out the possibility that the vehicle you are looking to buy might be stolen. A Title Search on the vehicle is important to eliminate that possibility.

Special Purpose Designation:

People avoid buying cars that have been used as taxis or rentals due to their rugged use. A VIN check provides details of special-purpose designation on the vehicle so you can look for other options or bargain for a better price.

What Will You Get From Arkansas Lost Search?

Doing a Title search in Arkansas can provide with valuable official information that the car dealer or first owner may not provide. This information includes:

  • Manufacturing Facility, location, and date
  • Model and original features
  • Accident Records
  • Liens
  • Theft Records
  • Title Brands
  • Owners records
  • Recalls

How to Perform Arkansas VIN Check

There are multiple ways to do an Arkansas Vin Check. These include:

  • Using the free VIN check service provided by VinPit
  • Using the Information Network of Arkansas (INA) Paid Search

VinPit Arkansas Title Search and VIN Check

    • For doing a Title search and VIN check in Arkansas, all you need to do is run the VIN of the vehicle through VinPit’s free VIN search.
    • You just need the VIN of the vehicle to perform the search, which you can find at the front end of the dashboard near the driver’s side, or near the driver door hinge that attaches the door to the car frame.
    • Once you have the VIN, you can enter it in VinPit search and click on the ‘Search’ button. VinPit will take a few seconds and provide the detailed car title report to you for free.

Title Search Through Information Network of Arkansas (INA)

While VinPit provides free access to title searches,Information Network of Arkansas is a paid official way to search for a car title.

To do a title search through Information Network of Arkansas, you need to subscribe to the platform for an annual fee of $95.


Doing a VIN inspection is important to make sure that you are putting your money on the right horse while buying a used car. VinPit takes care of this requirement for free and with ease, by providing you with a direct access portal that doesn’t even require signup.

The databases are updated regularly so you can find the most recent information on the car you are considering buying. Not only can you search vehicle title through  VIN check by state, but also conduct a license plate lookup in Arkansas through VinPit.