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Shopping for a used car? Before making this big-ticket purchase, get your preferred vehicle completely examined through a VIN lookup.

VinPit is a one-stop shop for overall vehicle checks. Our FREE VIN decoder can help you:

  • Discover unreported damages
  • Verify the ownership of the car
  • Check mileage accuracy
  • View documented photos
  • Know more about the safety and maintenance recalls of the car
  • Save money
    Is the car trouble-prone or trouble-free? Is it a lemon or stolen? A VIN lookup can uncover its maintenance, recall history, and all red flags pertaining to car ownership. With this knowledge, you won't commit large amounts of money to a worthless car.
  • Stay safe on the wheels
    A VIN decoder can easily tell if the car has been involved in any previous mishaps or if it is a rebuilt salvage. That way, you can stay aware of your vehicle's safety and make sure it's safe to use before payment.
  • Good vehicle bargain
    By discovering some untold damages or hidden history of the vehicle, you can determine its value and place yourself in an advantageous position to bargain with the car dealership for a better offer.

How To Conduct A VIN Lookup?

Go from confused to well-informed in a matter of seconds

  • 1. Feed in VIN number
    All you need to do is enter the VIN.
  • 2. Data hunt
    We scan the authority database for the most up-to-date vehicle information.
  • 3. Receive vehicle report
    Receive your vehicle history report immediately.
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How to Decode a VIN?

A VIN comprises a mix of alphabets and digits (17 in total). But what exactly do these numbers and letters mean? A VIN decoder helps you decode them and figure out what they represent. With it, you can get to know its manufacturer, model, make, year of manufacturing, country of manufacturing, engine size, type of vehicle, serial number, and more.

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How to Find the Vehicle's VIN Number?

There are various places on your car or motorcycle where the VIN of the vehicle is located. In the car, the VIN can usually be found on the driver's side windshield (to be seen from the inside of the car), near the driver's side door jamb, under the hood of the car, on the engine, etc.

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Other Free Vehicle Information Sources

Here are four other ways to get free vehicle information and history based on the car's VIN.

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    National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) has a robust VIN check system that allows you to take a picture of the VIN and have it checked for full vehicle details.
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    Want to know if the used car has a recall? Find it out with the VIN search tool of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).
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    When shopping for a used car, you may want to research its crashworthiness. This can be done with Insurance Institute For Highway Safety (IIHS).
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    Kelly Blue Book, a vehicle valuation company, is a trusted resource to check vehicle history and understand what the used car is worth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a VIN?

Vehicle identification numbers (VIN), usually printed in a single line are either stamped on a plate and mounted by a driver’s side dashboard or stamped on the firewall of the engine. They are a unique set of 17 special characters and numbers uniquely assigned to every automobile produced by a manufacturer.

What Is a VIN Lookup?

VIN lookup, also named VIN check or VIN decoder, is a tool with which you can find information about a vehicle, like exact details regarding the features and specs of the car, its history, and more. With VinPit, you can run a VIN check to figure out the full vehicle history report in one go.

What Information Do I Need to Get a Free Vehicle History Report?

You can either provide a vehicle’s 17 code VIN or license plate number to get a vehicle history report. The report will be available on the screen in minutes.

What to Look for Before a Car Purchase?

Buying a car is a big ordeal. To make sure you don't get your money in the wrong hands, here are some of the critical considerations to make before a final car purchase.

  • Stick to your budget and don't get carried away by the promotional tactics
  • Check if the car is equipped with appropriate safety measures such as airbags
  • Make sure you're financially prepared for the extra costs after your car purchase, like car insurance
  • Research the features of the car before approaching the seller. This will give you an upper hand in negotiating the price

Can You Extract Personal Information With a VIN Lookup?

No. A VIN decoder can fetch information regarding the vehicle. Yet a VIN number lookup cannot provide the personal information of its owners such as their social security numbers, credit cards, and bank accounts.

How Can I Check A VIN Number For Free?

With VinPit, you can run a VIN number lookup to obtain a comprehensive vehicle report without paying a dime.

What Is World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI)?

World Manufacturer Identifier is the term used to describe the first three characters of the VIN, which provide information about the vehicle's manufacturer.

Does A Dealership Provide A VIN Check?

Before you buy a car from a reputable dealership, they will provide you with a free VIN report.

Do All Vehicles Have a VIN?

Yes. You can find a unique vehicle identification number (VIN) in every car. It helps provide details of a vehicle such as its general specs, warranty information, theft/accidents/fraud records, and much more.

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