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Get a comprehensive history of a used car

  • Specifications and equipment details.
  • Accidented or stolen.
  • Known and hidden repairs.
  • Past and present market values.
  • Sales records, title issues, and liens.

In the state of Delaware, the Delaware Department of Motor Vehicles issues Delaware plates to any vehicle owner. The Delaware license plate displays the serial number, the name of the state, and the year of registration on the car's back. Your car must be licensed within 30 days of purchase or 90 days of becoming a citizen.

In addition to the regular plates issued by the Delaware Department of Motor Vehicles, vehicle owners may apply for specialty plates in Delaware. The specialty plates are intended for various causes like activities, occupations, and organizations. If you're interested in getting some data about a vehicle, a Delaware license plate lookup is the best choice.

What Can I Do with a Delaware License Plate Lookup?

Delaware License plate lookup digs through all the available documents to bring up all kinds of data about the car and who owned it. If you decide whether to buy the vehicle at a private event sale and want to read more about it first, you will probably find this knowledge very useful.

Here is the data you can collect during a Delaware license plate search and how it can prove useful to you.

The VIN Number

To identify vehicles, there are two numbers used, the license plate number and the VIN number. The downside of the VIN is that if a person knows what they are doing, it can be changed. Often, people do this if they want to misinterpret the number of miles that a car has.

On the odometer, they'll change the reading and then change the VIN to that of a lower mileage vehicle. You will see the VIN, which the car should have, by looking up the plate number. If the VIN you see in the car looks different, then you know it's a fake VIN.

Details of Owner

If you intend to buy a car, it is necessary to find out who the owner is to make sure it matches the seller's identity. The registration details can not always be trusted, just like the VIN, as people can learn to do this and put on a different name. You won't need to worry about buying a stolen car when you use the Delaware license plate to find owner details.

Reports on Vehicle History

It's a hassle for anyone to go to the mechanic first to get the car tested, although it's not always enough. A mechanic may notice immediate problems, but they can neglect deeper issues.

If the vehicle has been in previous crashes and repairs were made correctly, it still doesn't have the same degree of structural integrity. The same is true if a car has ever been trapped in a flood, as it is almost difficult to get rid of water damage. You will get the right image of what the vehicle has been through by checking the VIN number of the vehicle.

How to Lookup a Delaware License Plate?

Doing License Plate Lookup is the ideal route for you to search online public databases for the license plate or vehicle details you need. This service is completely free, and there is no limit on the number of searches you have. To see if there are any documents about repairs or robberies, you need to read the report thoroughly from start to finish.

Here's a closer look at how a Delaware Vanity plate search works and the kind of information you might find with one, or through a public records database or the DMV.

  • Go to VinPit's Official Website for a Delaware license lookup.
  • To switch to the license plate lookup tab, click the Plate Search option.
  • In the appropriate area, type in the license plate number you have.
  • Select Delaware from the drop-down menu right under the State header.
  • Hit the Search button and wait for your findings.

The following info on the car would be the first thing to come up:

  • The Year
  • Manufacture
  • Model
  • Style of body

With this vehicle information, you can also check if a Delaware license plate is valid for a particular vehicle. For the remaining data, choose the View Report option and go through a short account creation process, which is free of charge and access the Delaware Licence Plate History.

Other available information includes the Delaware license plate history, as well as the VIN number and registration number of the vehicle connected to the Delaware license plate.

Types of License Plates in Delaware

There's a blue background with gold letters on the regular Delaware license plate. There is a range of special license plates that can be bought at any DMV location or online. A number of plates have limitations on eligibility that must be met before the plate can be ordered.

For all vehicle owners meeting the eligibility criteria, the following plates are eligible:

  • Plates & Placards for Disabilities
  • Customized Plates
  • Specialty Plates

Additionally, Specialty Plates include:

  • Plates with Fraternity & Sorority License
  • University In-State License Plates
  • University Out-of-State License Plates
  • Plates for Charity & Non-Profit License
  • Plates for Organizational License
  • License Plates for Military Honor
  • Delaware Vintage Cars License Plates