NJ License Plate Lookup

If you are a new resident in New Jersey, getting your vehicle registered with the Motor Vehicle Commission of New Jersey is one of the primary steps.

Here is more related information on New Jersey license plate lookup.

Why Is New Jersey License Plate Important?

New Jersey license plates are essential for various reasons. Not only do they provide the freedom to drive around the roads of New Jersey freely, but they are also mandatory for many other reasons.

A New Jersey license plate includes a unique number that can be used to trace the vehicle for various reasons. Tracing a license plate number provides a lot of meaningful information on the vehicle as well as the owner of the vehicle.

Having a license plate is essential to keep law and order of the state. It is the license plate number that is flashed by cameras when someone violates the red traffic lights. Also, license plates help run a background check when a vehicle has been involved in an accident or is being sold to another person.

Types of New Jersey License Plates

The MCV or the Motor Vehicle Commission provides various types of license plates to New Jersey residents. Apart from the standard license plates, below are the following types of New Jersey license plates:

Personalized License Plates

You can get a personalized license plate with a license number of your choice for an initial fee of $50.

Dedicated Or Special Interest License Plates

New Jersey dedicated license plates include license s plates with backgrounds like Organ Donor, Agriculture, Pinelands, Olympic Spirit, Meadowlands etc.

Speciality Plates

These are specifically for different service, community, and alumni organizations.

Sports Plates

New Jersey sports license plates include MLB, NASCAR, NHL, NBA, and NFL logos.

Disability Plates

MCV also provides special plates for disabled veterans and other disabled people. These are issued to only those with a medical disability.

Special Vehicle Plates

Special vehicle plates are issued to historic and vintage vehicles i.e., more than 25 years old.

What Can A New Jersey License Plates Lookup Reveal?

A license plate lookup NJ reveals data and information on every vehicle with a license plate. The vehicles you can get information on in New Jersey are motorcycles, cars, trucks, vans, scooters, mopeds, and other recreational vehicles.

Here is all information you can find about them:

Title Information

Vehicle title information reveals all the inside info on the vehicle. It tells if the vehicle is reconstructed, replicated, salvaged, or bought from the grey market. It also mentions the name of the real owner. It also entails liens and repossessions of the vehicle (if any). Any pending liens as part of a loan contract can get you in trouble.

Accident Records

A license plate lookup also reveals if the vehicle has been in an accident.

Mileage And Odometer Readings

When asked about these to the private seller or dealer, there is a 90% chance they will lie about these. A license plate lookup is fair to everyone and tells it how it is.

General Information

Apart from the history of the vehicle, you can also find general information on the vehicle, like the name of the vehicle, the manufacturer and engine details, registration details, color of the vehicle etc.

Match all the information you extracted from the lookup with what the dealer/seller told you to make the final decision.


How To Surrender License Plates In New Jersey?

When not in use, license plates can be surrendered with a motor vehicle agency of your respective state.

Or you can mail your plates to New Jersey MVC at P.O. Box 129, Trenton, New Jersey 08666-0129.

What Are The Damaged Plates Replacing Fee In New Jersey?

It costs around $6 for standard plates and $15 for dedicated plates to replace your damaged plates in New Jersey.

Is It Illegal To Have No Front License Plates In NJ?

If you don’t want to get a license plate ticket in NJ, your vehicle should have two license plates, one in the front and the other in the rear back, except if you own a motorcycle. A motorcycle should only have one license plate in the back.

What Happens If You Don’t Turn In Your License Plates In NJ?

Surrender your license plates when not in use. Having possession of license plates in NJ means you have current car insurance. Not turning them in can make them suspend your driving license too.


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