Nevada License Plate Lookup

Nevada is a state in the western U.S. The name comes from the Spanish word ‘Nevada’ that means 'snow-covered.' It’s ranked 7th in extensiveness and the country's 19th most populated state.

If you want to buy a used automobile in Nevada, conducting a Nevada license plate lookup is essential. It gives detailed info about the vehicle to protect you from shady auto deals and car problems in the future.

It’s impossible to sell a motor car without its Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Even Law enforcers track stolen cars using VIN as it’s unique for each automobile. They use VINs for vehicle identification.

Thus, the need to conduct a Nevada license plate lookup before paying for a car. It helps to remove the fear of buying a second-hand vehicle that’s different from what you expected.

What Can a Nevada License Plate Look Up Provide?

The Nevada license plate lookup reveals the full story of a Nevada-registered car for free. It's straightforward, quick, and doesn't ask you to subscribe. Here's what you can do with the NV DMV plate search:

  • Look Sale History Records:The Nevada license plate history gives you a list of previous owners of a specific vehicle.
  • Know the Market Value: The web service allows you to determine the value at which most people in your local area have bought the same car type. You can also find out if the car has no resale value.
  • Check Vehicle Specifications:It provides detailed data about the equipment and general condition of the auto you’re buying.
  • Check Safety Ratings:This lets you know whether the car you want to buy had been in an accident. You'll also learn about the manufacturer’s warranty, recalls, and any other defects.
  • Discover Indicators of Potential Fraud/Theft:The Nevada license plate lookup gives you odometer readings along with the title and brand history. It provides a record of any active or previous theft involvement of the car in question.

The Nevada license plate history tells you whether the car you're searching for had been wrecked or rebuilt. You can also know whether the vehicle was declared a total loss, but the owner still retains it.

Where is the License Plate on a Nevada Car?

For residents, the state law requires all cars registered in the Department of Vehicles (DMV) before driving on Nevada roads. Even new residents have to register their automobiles within 30 days of establishing residency.

The Nevada DMV issues all vehicles with two plates except for trailers and motorcycles. It’s a requirement that you put one license plate at the front and the other at the rear of your car at all times.

As for motorbikes and trailers, only one plate is required and must be on display at the vehicle's back. All rear plates have registration decals on the right upper-hand corner that indicate the registration's expiry date.

If the license plate or expiration date decals get lost or damaged, you'll need to request the Nevada DMV for a replacement. You have to order a new license plate number for stolen plates, but if lost or damaged, you can get a duplicate of the old number plates.

How Can I Look Up a Nevada License Plate?

With this Nevada license plate checker, it's easy to know anything about the automobile you want to purchase. It takes a few minutes of your precious time to search and disclose crucial info about the car. Here's how to use the tool:

  • Visit the website. Look for the Nevada License Plate Lookup section at the top of your screen.
  • Enter the car’s license plate number in the corresponding field.
  • Click the search license plate button.
  • Wait for it to provide a detailed record of the car’s history in a matter of seconds for you to analyze.


In conclusion, the license plate search tool allows you to know about a specific Nevada license plate availability. It also gives you necessary and relevant data about a second-hand car to ensure you pay for what you wanted.