Rhode Island License Plate Lookup


Get a comprehensive history of a used car

  • Specifications and equipment details.
  • Accidented or stolen.
  • Known and hidden repairs.
  • Past and present market values.
  • Sales records, title issues, and liens.

Rhode Island state is located in the New England region of the U.S. Its name came from Rhode Island though most of the state is on the mainland. In size, it's the country's smallest state by area.

Rhode Island law requires all residents to register their cars to operate and drive on public streets and highways. You must register a vehicle to get a license plate with the Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles. Each vehicle should have license plates displayed on them 24/7.

If you want to purchase any used car, it's right first to do a background check. You can choose to perform a motor car search with the Vehicle Identification Number or license plate number lookup.

It takes a few minutes for the Rhode Island license plate lookup to provide useful details of the car you want to buy.

Why Do I Need to Use a Ri License Plate Lookup?

Buying a second-hand vehicle comes with several risks that a Rhode Island license plate search prevents. Just looking and examining won't give you a comprehensive report of the car like this tool does.

The license plate lookup Ri provides the automobile's full history to determine whether it's safe and secure. It reveals if the car has been rebuilt, salvaged, flooded, or stolen to avoid car fraud.

Ri license plate lookup report contains relevant data that includes problems that most drivers worry about:

  • Odometer Replacement: You don't have to pay more for a vehicle that knows better days. The tool tells you if anyone tampered with the mileage reading at all.
  • Fire, Hail, or Flood Damage: It's usually difficult to detect these problems after repairs. The Ri license plate lookup makes it possible to know about repairs.
  • Car Theft: It can hurt if you buy a car and then realize later that it had been stolen.

Besides, the Rhode Island license plate search engine gives you information about previous maintenance and accident damages. You can also use the VIN decoder to get the car's manufacturer's details and know about parts alterations and recalls due to breach of warranty.

If you're curious, the Ri license plate search tells you whether the vehicle served in any police department or was used as a cab.

How to Look Up a Rhode Island License Plate for Free?

All cars in Rhode Island must be registered and issued with a license plate number. If you're transferring from another state, it's required that you obtain a new title and registration for your vehicle.

For auto models of 2001 or newer with a title issued out-of-state, you need to perform a VIN check to register in Rhodes Island. If your license plates are missing, stolen, or damaged, you can apply for a new one or duplicate the old one.

Once registration is successful, you get a certificate, new license plates, and expiry date stickers. It's required that you attach the registration plates to the rear of your automobile at all times.

Here's how to perform the Ri license plate availability:

  • On the VinPit official website, look for the Rhode Island license plate search section.
  • Key in the Rhode Island license plate number of your desired vehicle in the provided field.
  • Hit the "check license" button.
  • You'll get the report instantly.

Specialty License Plates in Rhode Island

The following is a list of special license plates offered in the Rhode Island DMV:

  • Preferred Plates: You can get the wave plate design or choose the sailboat plate design.
  • Veteran Plates: They include disabled veterans, national guards, veteran gold star parents, purple hurt, and prisoners of war (PWO).
  • Special Design Charity Plates.
  • Electric Hybrid.
  • Firefighter plates.
  • Amateur Radio Operator.


Finally, the Rhode Island license plate lookup offers you specifications and other relevant data about a particular vehicle. It delivers automobile reports that are reliable to help you avoid shady car deals and buy a ride that's worth your money.