North Carolina VIN Check


North Carolina VIN Check

The state of North Carolina occupies the southeastern region of the United States, having 9th position concerning population. Being the 28th largest state of the U.S., it covers at least 100 counties. The state of North Carolina has 3,546,363 registered cars.

All the vehicles in North Carolina are equipped with a 17-digit alphanumeric code known as a vehicle identification number (VIN). The code encloses important information about the vehicle which is used at the time of acquiring, buying, or transferring the title of a vehicle from any neighboring state.

North Carolina VIN check is the best way to access the required information about the vehicle. Let's explore more about North Carolina VIN checks and their processes in this article.

Why Run a VIN Check in North Carolina?

A VIN check can give a person complete detail about the history of the vehicle. The vehicle can only be used or bought legally in North Carolina if it has an authentic VIN on it. The tampering of a vehicle identification number on the vehicle is considered fraud.

Therefore, to avoid being a victim of fraud in North Carolina, the acquirer or buyer of the vehicle should run a VIN check on the vehicle. The main reasons to run a VIN check in North Carolina are:

  • Information about Accidents: A person can gain information about the accidents that the vehicle incurred. The VIN check will reveal if there were previous accidents of the vehicle.
  • Title Brand Information: A VIN check would reveal information about the title brands of the concerned vehicle i.e. salvage titles and flood or hail damage.
  • Purpose Designation Check: A person can check for the special purpose designations of the concerned vehicle i.e. taxi-use, rental-use, police-use.
  • Theft Incidents Report: VIN Check by State allows a person to check whether the vehicle has ever been involved in a theft accident or not.

What Will You Know From a North Carolina VIN Search?

The information revealed by conducting a VIN search can be vital while dealing with the vehicle's selling or buying. The database of vehicle information is managed and administered by the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT).

You will know the following information about the vehicle by running a North Carolina VIN check:

  • The present state of the vehicle as well as the title state of the vehicle.
  • The vehicle's brand history will prevent overpayment for a vehicle that has already been damaged or repaired.
  • The correct and valid readings of the vehicle's odometer. This saves you from becoming a victim of rolling back odometers.
  • A full history of damage to the vehicle will include a detailed report of all forms of damage to the vehicle caused by any natural catastrophe or accident.
  • Theft reports show whether or not the vehicle has ever been involved in a theft incident.
  • Specifications devised by the manufacturer i.e. model of the vehicle along with the year of manufacture.
  • Information regarding any unpaid lien and whether the vehicle has ever been declared "lemon".

How to Lookup a VIN Number in North Carolina?

All the information about the vehicle's history and its specifications is encoded in the VIN. The inspection of the VIN of a vehicle is done to compare the information provided by the previous owner of the vehicle with the information stored in the database of NCDOT.

North Carolina VIN check or VIN inspection can be done in the following ways:

  • Online Procedure: This is one of the easiest methods as it only requires the person to log on to the VinPit website and enter the VIN of the concerned vehicle. By doing this, the user can access information about any registered vehicle in North Carolina instantly.
  • Mail Procedure: The mailing procedure is a more authentic method of running a VIN check. It requires the person to gather all the necessary documents, which can be different as explained on the official site of NCDOT, and mail it to the official address of the department of motor vehicles. This process costs $13.60.
  • Appointment Procedure: The third method is by booking an appointment at the free VIN check DMV of North Carolina and getting a proper inspection of the VIN of your vehicle.


North Carolina VIN check is a procedure through which a person can make sure the specifications and faults of the vehicle along with its history of accidents, thefts, and special purpose designations. An authentic vehicle identification number of a vehicle prevents you from being a victim of vehicle fraud.