New York VIN Check


New York VIN Check

Regarded as one of the busiest spots all over the world, the state of New York covers the northeastern part of the United States of America. Out of the 50 states of the U.S., it stands at 4th position concerning its population.

The number of registered cars in the database of New York State of Motor Vehicles is 4,890,916. The New York State of Motor Vehicles has registered all the vehicles of the state by assigning them a specific or unique 17-character code called vehicle identification number. New York VIN check is a method to use the VIN of a vehicle to access the history of a vehicle.

Why Should I Lookup a VIN Number in New York?

Primarily, the reason to run a VIN check in New York is to obtain legal permission from the state to use any transferred or bought vehicle. Another reason is to prevent yourself from being a victim of fraud.

Here are a few reasons why you should look up a VIN in New York:

  • Getting information about any registered accidents of the concerned vehicle.
  • Getting a report about the theft accident the vehicle has been involved in.
  • You can learn about the previous special purpose designations of the vehicle i.e. taxi-use, rental-use, or police-use.
  • You can access the information about title brands i.e. flood damage, hail damage, etc.
  • You can make sure if the vehicle you are going to acquire or buy has ever been declared a ‘lemon’.

What Will You Know From a New York VIN Search?

The information obtained from a New York VIN search can prove to be very handy when dealing with the seller of the vehicle. The VIN search presents a report of the complete history of the concerned vehicle.

You will know the following aspects of the vehicle from a New York VIN search:

  • Information on crash incidents of the automobile (if any).
  • Details on the number of owners, making sure that no personal data is provided.
  • Details on car maintenance in the past.
  • The details on the theft incidents associated with the concerned vehicle.
  • The number of unpaid loans or liens (if any).
  • Data on the model, engine, and vehicle equipment.
  • The issuance date of the vehicle's title was published in the New York State of Motor Vehicles.

How to Perform a VIN Check in New York?

Any person can perform a VIN check by state without any complications. The amount of information presented entirely depends on the type of procedure opted for the VIN check.

There are three ways to performs a VIN check in New York:

  • Method 1: One of the easiest ways to obtain a report regarding the concerned vehicle is to simply log on to VinPit and enter the vehicle identification of the vehicle. You will get a complete report of the vehicle's important aspects for free.
  • Method 2: Those people who don’t trust the authenticity of the free VIN Check websites can opt for a more reliable procedure i.e. through the mail.

    You can easily get access to the information about the concerned vehicle by first gathering all the required documents and mailing them to the official mailing address of the NYSDOT.

    The required documents are:

    • Authentic ‘Vehicle Identification Number’.
    • A copy of the driver’s license or any proof of identity of the driver issued by the government.
    • The service fee of $10 through a payable to the Commissioner of motor vehicles.
  • Method 3: The last method of conducting a VIN lookup is to go to the DMV of New York state and book an appointment with the law enforcement officer for the VIN check.


New York VIN lookup is used to know important information about the vehicle, before making a purchase. There are three different ways to run a VIN lookup. The easiest method is to use VinPit services for a car title check. Just enter the VIN of the vehicle and get your vehicle’s report through VinPit.