Recent VIN Searches

What Are Recent VIN Searches in VinPit?

VinPit is a reliable and dependable free VIN decoder which has made it easy to extract car-related data with the help of a VIN. If you want to access the information related to any vehicle, just check the vehicle VIN with VinPit, and the report will be ready for you. Moreover, the reports from VinPit are 100% accurate.

Recent searches in VinPit inform people about the recent VIN searches on vehicles that were conducted on the website. When someone checks their vehicle VIN through VinPit and has decoded their information via VinPit, recent searches will show those VIN numbers. This way, you can check the history of all the searched VIN of different cars, be it Mercedes or Ferrari, etc.

Moreover, recent searches can help you know the details of different parts of the recently searched vehicle, VIN engine codes, car's market value, security ratings, damages, and accidental history. The legit service will help you in making the right decisions before you choose to buy any car.

Why Do You Need This?

When the VIN recent searches are visible to the users, it will create a sense of reliability on the VinPit website. They will know that people are trusting this source of information which is the reason why search history is showing the searched VIN numbers.

If someone wants to carry out a search on a specific VIN number and observes the VIN in the search history, he will not have to lead the whole process. Instead, he can just open the report from the recent searches and collect the information. VinPit recent searches are also beneficial as the user can judge how detailed a report he will obtain via the service.

With the recent searches, you can also check which car models are frequently searched and get the names of all the car companies that have frequent complaints by people.

How Does VIN Check Works?

A VIN is a 17-character sequence that contains both letters and numbers. It is affixed to every vehicle and contains information related to that vehicle. A VIN can be found on the corner of the dashboard located on the driver's side. You can locate it by standing on the outside.

If you can't find it, open the driver's side door and check the place where the door latches when it gets closed. Each character in a VIN number has a specific meaning, and it is broken into a few sections explained below:

  • First Digit: It identifies the country where the vehicle originated.
  • Second Digit: It provides information related to the manufacturer of the vehicle.
  • Third Digit: The third digit finds the division in the general vehicle type or the manufacturer.
  • Fourth Digit: It informs about the vehicle's horsepower and weight.
  • Fifth Digit: The fifth digit often provides information about the vehicle's platform, such as a pickup truck, trailer, or van.
  • Sixth Digit: It is a special code used by the manufacturer to identify the specific model of the vehicle.
  • Seventh Digit: The seventh digit identifies the body type, such as two doors or four doors.
  • Eighth Digit: The eighth digit is used for the engine's information, such as engine displacement, etc.
  • Ninth Digit: It is a check digit as the other digits go through some calculations to get a check digit. This way the computer can easily tell if there is an error in the VIN.
  • Tenth Digit: It is the model year digit. From the 1980s until 2000, all the years had letter codes, with 2000 assigned Y. 2001 had code 1, and 2002 had code 2.
  • Eleventh Digit: The eleventh digit represents the plant code, which means the factory where the car was manufactured.

The last six digits, 12 to 17, are called production sequence numbers. Small manufacturers use the 12th, 13th, and 14th digits as manufacturer identification codes.

How Often Does VinPit Update the VIN Search Statistics?

VinPit has an easy-to-use interface that anyone with little professional knowledge can access and use. People can obtain information about different vehicles through recent searches and find car models searched by people in the past. You can find the details of the vehicle like a year, model, manufacturer, etc. It generates reports with efficient speed and processes them within a minute.

The database of this platform is extremely vast, and the information gets updated in real-time. Therefore, when the user searches for a VIN number, the website updates the search history in real-time. This way, the recent search history of VinPit will show that the specific VIN number has been searched on the website.