Colorado License Plate Lookup


Get a comprehensive history of a used car

  • Specifications and equipment details.
  • Accidented or stolen.
  • Known and hidden repairs.
  • Past and present market values.
  • Sales records, title issues, and liens.

Do you want to buy a used car in Colorado? Make sure it is not stolen or brought from the grey market. Not only this, there are various other considerations to look for.

All this can be duly taken care of with a Colorado license plate lookup. Here is everything else you should know about.

How Does A License Plate Work in Colorado?

In Colorado, the vehicles are registered at a DMV office. Each vehicle should have two license plates, one at the front and the other at the rear end. Only exceptional vehicles like motorcycles and trailers can have a license plate in the rear.

In Colorado, the license plates are issued to the person and not the vehicle. This means when you sell your vehicle, you keep the license plates with you. These license plates can also be transferred to your next new vehicle.

The new owner of the vehicle will have to apply for new license plates.

In Colorado, you are given 60 days to get your new vehicle registered. If you have an out of the state vehicle and new to Colorado, you should get it registered within 90 days of your arrival.

Types Of Colorado License Plates

If you’d like to have a special license plate on your vehicle, Colorado provides various options for you. Here are the types of Colorado license plates:

Standard License Plates

These license plates can be issued to anyone irrespective of their fields of employment.

Group Special License Plates

Certain group special license plates can be issued to a certain group of people, whereas certain categories are specific for only which certain people qualify.

For instance, firefighters' license plates, emergency medical services, state parks etc., are issued to people associated with the same task.

Military License Plates

Military license plates are issued to individuals related to the same employment fields as veterans, army officers, navy force, retired veterans, etc.

Disability License Plates

These license plates are issued to people with temporary or permanent disabilities.

Alumni License Plates

These plates are issued to people who are alumni of certain organizations like Air Force Academy, Colorado College, Colorado School of Mines, Regis University, Fort Lewis College, and many others.

Personalized License Plates

In every type of license plate, you also get an option of personalizing your license plate. This feature is available on individual selected license plates only.

One can get a personalized license plate by filling an application available on the Colorado DMV site. You can also mail them to the Department of Revenue, Vehicle Services Unit P.O. Box 173350, Denver, Colorado 80217-3350.

If your request is accepted, a personalized license plate will be issued to you.


Apart from these, there are other license plates as well. You can find them at the Colorado Department of Revenue website.

What Can You Get by Running a Colorado License Plate Lookup?

Colorado license plate lookup is loaded with all information on vehicles that can be extracted on entering a specific license plate number. Certainly, if you are buying a used car, running a Colorado license plate lookup should be a mandatory step in the process of buying.

Here is all you get from a license plate lookup:


The run lets you know if the car has been involved in an accident and if there are any current reports of at-fault driver cases on the vehicle.

Liens And Repossessions

It also provides information on whether the vehicle was bought on loan or was bought as a used vehicle previously.

History Of Inspections

In Colorado, a vehicle may have to go through certain inspections like emission inspection, fuel inspection, etc. The lookup lists down the history of such inspections, if any.

Odometer Readings And Mileage

Sometimes the seller of the vehicle may try to dupe you by telling you the wrong odometer and mileage readings. You can rest assured of honest information on running a lookup for the same. It also helps in knowing if the seller is conveying the wrong information to you.

Repairing Records

The license lookup services also provides the history of repairs and recalls done so far. You can also check the repairing records with the license plates in other sites such as California, Texas.

Title Brands

The title of the vehicle provides information on changes made in the car. It shows if the vehicle is salvaged, reconstructed, replicated, rebuilt, or bought from a grey market.

It also tells if the vehicle has been previously damaged from flood, hail, etc.

Other Information

CO license plate lookup also conveys theft information, VIN, registration issues (if any), the market value of vehicle, engine and manufacturer details, warranty, and other such vital information that the seller may not tell you.


1. What Is The Fee Of Colorado License Plates?

The fee for license plates in Colorado varies according to their type. Most license plates cost a $50 one-time fee. There are additional charges for personalizing the plate after that.

2. What Are The Documents Required In Vehicle Registration In Colorado?

You should have valid car insurance, proof of title and purchase, valid id like driving license, emission inspection result and certificate, and the required fees.

The requirements of registration in each state vary.

3. For How Long Validation Tags Are Valid In Colorado?

The validation tags in Colorado are valid for 12 months and should be renewed thereafter.

4. Can I Change My License Plates In Colorado?

You can change your license plates and get new ones under certain circumstances, like when they are stolen or misused. You need to fill out an affidavit to get duplicate license plates in Colorado.

5. Is It Illegal To Look Up A License Plate Number In Colorado?

The Colorado DMV itself provides the service of vehicle record searches. Thereby, you can search for vehicle information through VIN, plate number, and title number.

6. What Is The Format Of Colorado License Plate Number?

The new vehicles in Colorado now have a four-letter and two-number format. They previously had three-letter and three number combinations.


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