Tennessee License Plate Lookup


Get a comprehensive history of a used car

  • Specifications and equipment details.
  • Accidented or stolen.
  • Known and hidden repairs.
  • Past and present market values.
  • Sales records, title issues, and liens.

The State of Tennessee is in the southeast parts of the United States. It got its name from an American Indian village of ‘Tanasqui' and is now the country's 36th most extensive and 16th most populated state.

When you plan to purchase a second-hand vehicle in Tennessee, it's highly recommended that you perform vehicle history report checks. There're different ways to obtain all the crucial data about the car.

You can conduct a license plate search by VIN or by license plate number. Either method should help verify the car's past ownership records, the manufacturer's recalls, and accident information. It also allows you to check if the automobile was damaged or rebuilt.

What Will I Gain from a Tennessee License Plate?

Each motor vehicle in the state of Tennessee has a unique license plate. With the Tennessee license plate lookup, you'll know a lot of useful information to let you buy a used car that's safe and secure.

Researching about vehicles with this web service can give you the following:

  • The registration and title details of the automobile. No personal info of the previous car owner is provided since the law prohibits it.
  • The data about inspection records, road accidents, and natural disasters like flood and hail damage.
  • The general condition of the vehicle when it was new. It gives you data about the car's default equipment, engine specs, and fuel type. You can also know about the interior and exterior details to determine whether they've been altered or repaired since manufacture.
  • All repairs and the type of maintenance work the vehicle passed.
  • Previous owners’ details to disclose if it was a police car or worked as a taxi.

If you're a car dealer in the U.S., the Tennessee vehicle registration lookup can help you in various ways. Since you have dozens of automobiles to check and sell per day, this tool will save you hours to get reports. It allows you to:

  • Set a fair price for a car, truck, van, motorcycle, etc.
  • Show customers that you’re familiar with everything regarding the vehicle.
  • Demonstrate to clients that you won’t ever purchase stolen autos or those in bad condition.

How Can I Look Up Tennessee License Plates?

For your car to get a license plate in Tennessee, you must register and title it in the state. Once the registration is successful, the DMV issues one license plate that you have to attach at the vehicle's back.

When you want to know anything about a particular Tennessee-registered car, here’s what you’ll do:

  • Go to VinPit and find the instant Tennessee license plate lookup section.
  • Type the Tennessee license plate number of the car in question in the corresponding field.
  • Click on the ‘Search License Plate’ button.
  • Wait for the search engine to do its magic and get you a report with relevant data about the car in a few minutes.

Why Should I Use a Tennessee License Plate Checker?

All the information in the Tennessee license plate search tool is valid and up-to-date. It collects its data from proven and public sources that are trustworthy and reliable such as:

  • Police Departments: In a few rare scenarios, the vehicle's owner's name can appear if they often lose or avoid buying parking tickets.
  • Insurance Companies: They contain records of all unusual activities on the road that might have caused an accident. It also has details on natural phenomena that caused any damage to the car.
  • The Automobile Dealership: It allows you to know when the car got first registered and in which state or territory in Tennessee.

What Is the Tax Rate in Tennessee on Vehicles?

The tax rate for vehicles is 4.255%. If your car is an out-of-state car and you already paid tax in the previous state, it will be sent to the Tennessee tax office. If the tax you paid in the previous state is not up to the Tennessee State tax, you will be contacted to pay up what you ought to.


Generally, the Tennessee license plate lookup is quick and reliable. It gives you a report that you can trust and use as proof of the car's quality. You don't have to worry that there'll be any future car problems.