West Virginia License Plate Lookup


Get a comprehensive history of a used car

  • Specifications and equipment details.
  • Accidented or stolen.
  • Known and hidden repairs.
  • Past and present market values.
  • Sales records, title issues, and liens.

The hunt for the West Virginia license plate will help you get all the details you are looking for about the vehicle. For most cars, vans, and trucks, two license plates are required to be issued under state law. And only one license plate is required for trailers and motorcycles.

West Virginia has a law every 8 years requiring a change in the design of the WV Vanity plates, which must be easily distinguishable from the previous design. A new or duplicate license plate and a registration certificate will be issued by the West Virginia County Treasurer if a license plate has been lost or stolen. Upon getting your new license plates, damaged license plates must be sent to the West Virginia County Treasurer.

Why Do People Need to Lookup a West Virginia License Plate?

You can obtain details from the West Virginia Department of Transportation, also known as the West Virginia DOT, by using the WV license plates lookup tool. Here's why you need to find out about any vehicle by searching for a WV license plates:

  • Find the number of owners of the car, including the details of the registration, such as the country, state and city of registration from the WV license plate lookup.
  • Check the odometer records by entering the VIN number of the car in the WV license plate search. Mileage details would include mileage, date and location once it was registered. Title documents, registration and renewals are included in the odometer records.
  • In the event that the car has already been badly damaged, driving it continues to be risky as you can never know how a vehicle performs after a complete repair at high speed.
  • You should ensure that all airbags are in the car and also figure out the reason if it does not have them.
  • At the time of purchase, every vehicle comes with special options and packages. You will find comprehensive specifications such as model, trim, engine codes, transmission, fuel, exterior and interior choices, standard safety features and airbags.
  • Based on estimated mileage, the WV DMV license plate lookup shows you the market value of the car.
  • Find out if there is any data for the car, including the form of warranty status coverage.
  • In order to help evaluate whether the vehicle had any claims, each license plate check would validate the information from law enforcement agencies.
  • To find out if any manufacturer has recalled the car. If defects occur, learn about their safety effects and how to repair the problems.
  • To find out the number of insurance claims made by car in the West Virginia Department of insurance license lookup.
  • To find out if the car has had its annual inspections completed on time and if its inspections have had any unresolved problems.
  • Natural disasters and extreme weather conditions can cause a vehicle to sustain severe damage. Driving in snow or rain is not the only danger-hail storms, floods, blizzards, earthquakes and tornadoes can all cause significant damage to automobiles, especially hail storms, causing billions of dollars of damage every year alone.
  • Another common reason for a WV license plate search is to check if a vanity or custom plate is accessible.

How to Lookup a West Virginia License Plate?

To lookup a West Virginia license plate, you can request the information from the state, or hire a private investigator. License plate lookup services are also provided by several third-party websites. This is the easiest way where you can find real license plate search data.

Enter the VIN on VinPit official website, West Virginia license plate or title in the required area enter the state, and follow the instructions.

Can I Transfer My License Plate To Another Person?

No, you can't. A West Virginia license plate is not transferable, even if you are selling the vehicle. The license plate is a government-owned property and transferring it is illegal.

What Is the Tax Rate in West Virginia on Vehicles?

The tax rate for vehicles is 4.255%. If your car is an out-of-state car and you already paid tax in the previous state, it will be sent to the West Virginia tax office. If the tax you paid in the previous state is not up to the West Virginia State tax, you will be contacted to pay up what you ought to.


Vehicles must be labeled and registered in time before anyone can drive on West Virginia roads and highways. At all times, the West Virginia license plate, registration card, and insurance certificate should be held in the vehicle.

A WV license plate lookup will show previous records of possession, title details, liens, reading odometer and salvage with a free vehicle history report. Therefore it is vital to go through these details before purchasing any car to avoid any fraud incidence.