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What Is A Vehicle License Plate Search?

A vehicle license plate search is an automated run of a license plate number against several online databases to fetch all details associated with that license plate. It is very similar to a VIN check.

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Why Should You Run a License Plate Search?

As earlier highlighted, there are a handful of reasons why you may need to run a free license plate lookup. Some of the most common reasons are:

  • Research on a used vehicle you’ve just purchased
  • If you’ve witnessed a crime or an accident take place
  • To report driving by the owner of the license plate
  • For use in court proceedings involving the vehicle
  • Personal motivations, and so much more

That said, it is completely illegal for civilians to run plates in some parts of the world, and doing so is an act that can get one prosecuted. As a result, you should familiarise yourself with local laws before attempting to carry out a licence plate lookup.

Most times, you’d need to submit a formal request to the police if you need help tracking down a plate number. If, however, you’re in the clear, then you could retrieve restricted info from online databases with ease.

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What Can You Get from a License Plate Lookup?

Due to safety reasons, the potential amount of information that can be gotten from a plate check is usually limited and regulated by the government. Nevertheless, typical information that can be gotten from a license plate check include the make, model and the year such vehicle was released. Additional info may include minor details about the owner, vehicle ownership history and safety information.

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How does VinPit obtain information?

VinPit processes information for its users from its huge, rich database obtained from the DMV and other sources. Some of these sources include service stations and insurance companies. VinPit uses the information from these databases to intimate its users with the vehicle condition, accident history, specifications, car registration details and ownership history of the vehicle.

How to Run a License Plate Lookup Step by Step?

You might wonder if it's legal to have access to some of the info listed above without breaking laws. The good news is, yes, it is possible for civilians to access certain info, including vehicle records.

Hence, to track a vehicle by its plate number, all you need to do is pay a visit to your state's Department of Motor Vehicles, and submit a formal tracking request. However, to prevent abuse of this privilege, there are certain exceptions and checks in place, with the major one being that you can't get info on previous users of a vehicle.

Alternatively, the advent of various online databases has made it easy to find vehicle owners by license plate free. And you could retrieve limited information on a vehicle just by entering its plate number on the appropriate online platforms – it's that easy! This process of retrieving a vehicle's details online is known as the 'reverse license plate search'.

That said, these are the general steps to take if you want to run a free reverse license plate look up online, and uncover more details about a vehicle:

  • Visit a regulated online platform specially designed for running plate numbers and VINs. To prevent any legal complications in the future, you must also make sure to read and understand the terms and conditions of such platforms before agreeing to any.
  • Picking a trustworthy platform to use is usually the hardest part, and once you've gotten a reliable website for your license plate check, the following steps typically apply:
  • Input the vehicle's license plate number and the state where the license plate was registered in the provided window. Alternatively, some online databases permit users to search using the Vehicle Identification Number, in case the license plate number is not available.
  • Once you enter the required number and it is certified correct, you are then granted access to limited user info.

License plate checks can typically be carried out by anyone with internet access on a mobile phone, tablet or personal computer. And info retrieved by these checks are intended to be used for reference purposes only.

Is It Legal to Do A License Plate Check?

It is completely legal to do a license plate check. However, you must have in mind that the Driver's Privacy Protection Act limits the kind of information you can obtain through this search or check. Essentially, you can't get any private information about the driver or vehicle through a license plate check. This information includes the car owner's home address, age, among other things.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I remove my license plates when selling a vehicle?

For your own safety, and in accordance with the law, it is imperative that you remove license plates from your vehicle before handing over the keys to the new owner.

Can I get Vehicle Identification Number from a license plate lookup?

You could find out a vehicle's identification number, armed with nothing but a license plate number, as most online databases have this info stored in their records, as part of what is accessible to the public.

How do I get my Vehicle Identification Number to recover details from a license plate lookup?

In some car models, you could get the vehicle identification number by checking on the dashboard, engine or the door frame. If the VIN is not engraved in any of the aforementioned locations, then you could check it with the car's license number on any of the numerous free reverse license plates lookup sites.

Can I perform a license plate lookup with a temporary license tag?

So far the temporary license tag contains information about the owner, you could carry out a license plate lookup and retrieve basic owner info. However, you might need to be physically present at your state DMV to do this.

Can I get someone's address from a license plate lookup?

Typically, owner addresses are kept confidential and are not usually accessible to the general public via a license plate lookup.

Can I find the owner of a license plate?

  • Yes, you can and with ease too. Using online free reverse license plate lookup platforms, you can easily retrieve information on the owner of a vehicle from the comfort of your home. But, you must have a solid reason, backed by the appropriate regulatory bodies, to do this.
  • Due to certain unforeseen circumstances, you might, one day, find yourself needing to track a license plate online. You can do so using license plate lookup platforms. One such website you can use to carry out a free license plate lookup with name is the VinPit platform.
  • FreeVinPit is an efficient online database that gives users access to info such as the vehicle history report, as well as makes it possible to carry out a license plate lookup and VIN check, all at little or no cost. Additionally, this platform is regulated safe to use by the relevant authorities, hence you can be sure that no rules are being broken when you use it to track a license plate.

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