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Cars without license plates are a rarity in most parts of the world, especially the United States, indeed, it is an illegal act punishable by law. Centuries back, vehicles operated without a license plate until someone came up with the idea of vehicle license plates.

Several years after the innovation of vehicle license plates in the Massachusetts area, the state of Alaska made it compulsory for locals to register and display their license plates. Failure to do is simply invites legal trouble, especially if the vehicle will be operating within the Alaska area. Here are some things to know about Alaska license plates and license plates lookup.

What Is Alaska License Plate & How It Works?

The Alaska state license plates are the official license plates for the Alaska jurisdiction in the United States. Your best bet at getting an ak license plate is to call on the Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles.

Within the State of Alaska, you are allowed to register the following vehicles: Trucks, motorhomes, ATVs, passenger vehicles, boats, vans, snow machines, and buses. You are also required to fix license plates at the front and rear ends of most of these vehicles. The only exceptions are motorcycles and trailers where only the rear end must have a license plate.

Alaska state license plates display month and year tabs that show when the registration expires. Vehicle registrations that expired for less than a year are charged the full biennial fee beginning with the month the registration expired, regardless of the time of purchase or its period of operation.

It is possible to transfer Alaska license plates between vehicles with the same owner as long as the license plates and units are registered under the owner's name. It is also possible to replace your ak license plate if it gets damaged or lost.

Types of Alaska License Plates

You have the option of applying for different types of license plates when you are in the State of Alaska. Here are the types of plates that you can apply for with the Alaska jurisdiction. Note that each class of plate comes with its peculiar requirements for registration:

  • Standard
  • Organization
  • Disability
  • Fraternal Orders
  • Military
  • Specialty
  • College

Requirements in Getting Title and Vehicle Registration Done in Alaska

Vehicle owners in the Alaska area must get Alaska state license plates within thirty days of purchasing the vehicle. New residents must complete the title and registration process for their vehicles within 10 days, while visitors can drive their vehicles for 60 days using a current out-of-state vehicle registration. Here are the requirements for getting title and vehicle registration done in Alaska:

  • A completed application for title and registration
  • A signed copy of the Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin or the vehicle's title
  • The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) inspection from a DMV permitted inspector
  • The signed title
  • The Odometer disclosure statement, notarized power of attorney, or a lien release as required
  • A completed application for title and registration
  • Past vehicle registration
  • Power of attorney(where applicable)
  • Registration fees
  • Title & Registration DMV form (also called form 812)
  • A lien release letter or evidence that the lienholder has signed off on the current title(this if there is a lienholder listed on the title)
  • Your DOT and TIN
  • A copy of your IRS 2290 filing(where applicable).
  • The notarized reconstructed vehicle affidavit (also called form 811)
  • The current title.

What Information Can You Find with Alaska License Plate Lookup?

One reason why ak license plates are mandatory in Alaska is because of the Alaska state license lookup, which allows you to conduct an Alaska license plate search. Here is the information you can get from an Alaska license plate lookup:

  • Reported odometer readings
  • Registration and service history
  • Past ownership
  • The vehicle's theft history
  • The vehicle's purpose designation
  • Full specifications of the vehicle
  • The equipment of the safety system
  • Current owner of the vehicle
  • Vehicle's title
  • The date of the past car inspections

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do I need a Alaska State License Lookup?

You need an Alaska state license lookup if you are looking for vital information about a vehicle with Alaska license plates. This is because it affords you a ton of information about the vehicle status, its history and its owner. Such information comes in handy when you are looking to buy a used vehicle in the Alaska area for instance. With an Alaska license plate search, you can avoid being sold a damaged or stolen vehicle.

How do I get a personalized Alaska License Plate?

You can get a personalized Alaska license plate by contacting the Alaska DMV either offline or online. Note that the registration fees vary depending on the type of personalized plate.

Are there cases where it is impossible to pull up the owner's information from a license plate?

There are none as long as a valid license plate number was entered correctly. Valid license plates stay up to 15 years before they are removed from state records. Once the correct details of the license plates are entered correctly, there is nothing stopping the owner’s information from being pulled from an ak license plate.

I am planning to move to Alaska. When should I obtain an Alaska vehicle registration?

You can drive your vehicle within the Alaska area if it has been registered in another state. You have a 60 day period to do this. After this period, you are required to get Alaska state license plates. Especially if you get employment in the state. In that case, you have 10 days to get Alaska license plates for your vehicle. However, military personnel (on duty in the state) and college students are exempted once they have registered their vehicles in another state.

Can I get a refund on registration fees that were not used because I registered my vehicle in another state?

No, you cannot get a refund because the State of Alaska does not issue refunds on partial registration. You can only get a refund if you have verifiable, written proof that the vehicle was registered in another state before the beginning of the registration period.

Can a vehicle owner personalize the standard blue-and-yellow plate?

Yes. There are no regulations or laws restricting one from personalizing the standard blue-and-yellow plate. They can be customized to your taste.


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