Alabama (AL) Car Title Lookup


Alabama (AL) Car Title Lookup

In the "Heart of Dixie," forests abound, and owning a vehicle is a must. Alabamans in the market for a used car or truck know it's not an easy decision. Everyone may have different tastes and priorities regarding their dream vehicle, but most would agree that reliability, at the right price, tops the list of must-haves.

But used cars have a history that's concealed from view. How can you be sure you're buying something dependable and safe? An Alabama car title lookup pulls back the curtain on an auto's backstory, revealing details that might cause you to change course quickly.

Has the vehicle ever incurred significant damage? Is it legally available for sale? Are there any outstanding liens on the title? These are the kinds of questions that need answers, and an Alabama title inquiry can help. Read on to see how.

Why Is an Alabama Car Title Search So Important?

So, you've saved up and are now making the rounds, checking under hoods and taking potential buys out for a test drive. Once you've honed-in on a car you want, the next step is to uncover its hidden past. What's its story?

Too many unsuspecting buyers drive away with a shiny auto only to find out later it was stolen! This kind of rude awakening will leave you without a car or a refund. The onus is on you to get the facts ahead of time and protect yourself - and an Alabama car title lookup makes it easy.

All you need to get a comprehensive history is the car's 17-digit VIN, a unique identifier similar to a social security number. It's what insurance companies and the Department of Motor Vehicles use to keep track of ownership transfers and accident claims, among other pertinent details. You, too, can access this vital information on an Alabama car title.

What Will You Get from an Alabama Title Inquiry?

Buying a vehicle is a significant investment that you want to get right from the start. An Alabama VIN check is hassleless through a free VIN lookup service such as A complete report is generated immediately and will include the following information:

  • A comprehensive history of ownership and registration, including dates
  • Outstanding liens
  • History of theft, including whether the vehicle was ever recovered and, if so, whether it was designated salvage by a state agency
  • Title brands
  • Odometer discrepancies
  • Insurance history, including total loss designation
  • Market value

Many red flags could slip by undetected if you neglect to perform an Alabama vehicle title search.

Title branding, for example, is a crucial detail. It means a state agency wrote off the car as salvage due to damage incurred from a collision, flooding, fire, or hail. Spend a few minutes to do your homework and spare yourself future headaches. We'll explain how.

How to Perform a Title Search in Alabama?

An Alabama car title lookup is fast and easy! Begin with the car's VIN - each of those 17-digits contains details about the auto's place of manufacture, model, year, and specifications.

You can find the VIN in a few different areas on the vehicle: on the driver's side dashboard or on the driver's side doorjamb, on the engine block, on the spare tire well, and on the registration certificate.

It's better if you find and copy down the VIN yourself rather than take it at face value from the dealer. Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous sellers out there who have fraudulently tried to substitute a clean title on a vehicle with issues. The adage "let the buyer beware" is never more apt than when it comes to buying a used car.

Once you have the VIN in hand, it's full speed ahead. The car title lookup is free using VinPit's VIN check tool. Just take the following steps:

  • Visit
  • Enter the complete VIN
  • Hit "check VIN."

That's it! Within seconds, a comprehensive report will be downloaded, and your questions answered. Running a DMV VIN check is too important to be overlooked. Do yourself a favor and take a few minutes to do the background research. You can also do a license plate lookup of a vehicle and find out car details on this site. 

You could also visit the Alabama Department of Revenue website and request records there; however, there may be paperwork and/or fees involved.


While you're conducting a VIN check by state, remember, that there is no substitute for a safe and dependable vehicle. Weigh your options carefully, and keep in mind that an Alabama car title lookup is an indispensable step in the process.

No one wants to waste money on a lemon or unknowingly drive away with a stolen vehicle. Using a site such as will provide a comprehensive vehicle history instantly - and it's free. There's no reason not to do your due diligence. Once you've received a clean report, you can move forward with confidence and peace of mind.