Idaho VIN Inspection


Idaho VIN Inspection

The used car market in Idaho is blooming as people can save a lot of money by going for a used car. However, that turns out to be a good deal only if the used car you buy is worth what you pay for it.

While there are cars that can be found in a just-as-new condition, there are also some vehicles that come with a troubled past and are going to be nothing but trouble.

The worst part is that your car dealer will not tell you all there is to know about the vehicle. Fortunately, you can do a free Idaho title search and VIN inspection online through a platform like VinPit.

Why Idaho Title Search Is So Important?

Doing a title search in Idaho is quite crucial especially for someone who is in the market for a used car. Even car dealers use VinPit’s online VIN check services to set a price point for their inventory.

An Idaho title search provides details on all the major incidents related to the car, right from the point of manufacture. You can learn where the car was manufactured and when.

At times, manufacturers even roll back certain models if there is an inherent manufacturing defect in them. A VIN check provides data on whether or not the car was part of this rollback program.

Title searches through VIN also reveal the title brands on the car. Sometimes, car dealers employ tricks that can make the title brands go away in the documents you will see. However, VinPit’s title search will let you know about them.

Learning about the past repairs on the car is also important. If there have been significant repairs (such as the reconstruction of parts) due to some accident, it can lead to a questionable performance in the future. You can eliminate all these concerns through an Idaho title search.

Performing a VIN check by state through VinPit reveals a lot of information concerning a car. Keep reading to find out all that you can learn through a VinPit’s Idaho title search.

What Will You Get Idaho Vehicle Title Search

The information that you get from an Idaho vehicle title search covers:

  • Manufacturer data
  • Maintenance records
  • Accident history
  • Title brands
  • Liens
  • Owners of the vehicle
  • Recalls
  • Theft records
  • Usage type (rental car, car for hire, etc.)

How to Perform Idaho Vehicle Title Search?

To perform a title search in Idaho, you can follow one of two ways:

Free Title Search Through VinPit

VinPit is a third-party platform that gathers vehicle data from multiple sources and combines it into a detailed vehicle report.

Unlike other title search or VIN lookup alternatives, VinPit’s searches are not just limited to the state databases. VinPit can pull out information from any state in the country, provided the VIN you entered is valid.

To do a title search through VinPit, there is no registration or subscription required. The only thing you need is the VIN of the car you want to inspect.

You can find the VIN easily in the car documents. If you do not have the documents with you, the VIN can also be found on the front end of the dashboard towards the windshield.

Paid Title Search Through Transportation Department

Idaho’s transportation department has an online portal called the Access Idaho Services. Its title search service provides you access to the ownership records and title brands on the car you want to inspect.

Before doing a title search through this method, you need to purchase a subscription plan through a credit card. Once you have a subscription, you can get the car title through its VIN.


Gone are the days where you needed to find the right office and wait for long hours to get a simple VIN check done. With VinPit, any car’s title and history reports are just a click away.

All VinPit data is updated regularly so you get even the recent incidents on-record. The platform also enables you to get more details of ther car with a free license plate lookup in Idaho.