Maryland VIN Check


Maryland VIN Check

The state of Maryland is located in the Mid-Atlantic region of the USA. It is the 19th most populous state of America with a population of 6 million. It has about 1,976,021 cars registered as of 2016.

All the vehicles of Maryland are required to be registered on a 17-digit vehicle identification number (VIN) that holds all the information about the vehicle. The Maryland VIN check is recommended to anyone who wants to buy or sell a vehicle in Maryland.

Why Do You Need to Run a VIN Check in Maryland?

The VIN check by state tells in detail about various aspects of a vehicle. Therefore, the usage of VIN lookup becomes relevant under the following conditions:

  • Whenever a resident of Maryland is about to sell or purchase a vehicle from some outsider, the VIN information comes in handy.
  • Similarly, when any person from outside the state, entering Maryland has to register their VIN information with the state.
  • While buying a vehicle, the VIN info will allow the person to check the tile of the vehicle, its registered usage such as that of a Taxi, under rental usage, and other uses.
  • When a person wants to know about purchase history, accidental or theft history of a vehicle.

What Information Will You Know From a Maryland VIN Search?

The VIN information is maintained by the Maryland Department of Motor Vehicles. It provides the following information about the vehicles:

  • The complete owner history of the vehicle.
  • The accidental and theft history of the vehicle.
  • The integrity of the spare parts of the vehicle and the accuracy of the odometer of the vehicle works.
  • The title of the vehicle is usually given in case the vehicle is damaged by a particular type of natural disaster such as flooding or something of sort. This information is crucial regarding the safety of the vehicle.
  • The VIN may give information about the market trends that give insight into the price of the vehicle being sold or purchased.

How to Lookup a VIN Number in Maryland?

The vehicle identification number reveals details about the specifications of the vehicle, theft accidents, title registrations, and accidents in which the vehicle has suffered any kind of damage from natural disasters.

The primary methods of running a VIN inspection are listed below:

  • Use VinPit for VIN lookup: This procedure requires the user to enter the VIN of the target vehicle on the website. VinPit will bring the complete report on the vehicle within a few minutes.
  • Use the Mail option: In this method, the person is required to gather all the necessary documents about the vehicle and then mail it to the mailing address of the Maryland Department of Transportation.

    The required documents are:

    • Proof of vehicle ownership, such as a car title.
    • Previous inspection certificates, if applicable.
    • The ID card or driver’s license of the vehicle owner.
  • Book an Appointment: The last method of inspection requires the physical presence of the owner of the car, as he can visit the DMV of Maryland and book an appointment with the law enforcement officer to conduct a physical inspection of the concerned vehicle.

    The required documents are the same as mentioned in the mailing procedure. The service fee is around $80.


VIN is unique to every car, truck, bike, or trailer. The VIN check is handy when it comes to the selling and purchasing of vehicles across and with the states. The residents of Maryland can use this feature to make sure that the transactions of the vehicles go without a worry.