About Us

A used car has a history of its own and sometimes a history that might land you in trouble. This is why potential buyers of used cars prefer to run a VIN check before their purchase, to not only understand the title records of the vehicle but also to understand its criminal history, insurance details, and more.

VinPit is an enterprise dedicated to helping you avoid all potential problems that might arise in the future when buying a used car. We exist solely to provide you with a detailed history of your vehicle entirely free of cost. You can check your used car’s vehicle history against our extensive database of 268+ million registered vehicles in the United States for a comprehensive understanding of your potential purchase.

We are here to empower consumers to protect themselves from fraud and prevent the resale of stolen cars. At VinPit, you can use the latest data delivery technology to stay away from unsafe vehicles. You do not need anything but a VIN to access these records, not even a subscription. We also offer a free VIN decoder and a license plate lookup tool where you can look up all the vital information regarding your vehicle.

How many owners have your vehicle previously had? Was it ever reported stolen? Is the reading on the odometer consistent? We are here to answer all of these questions and more. Along with all the vehicle specifications and equipment details, we provide you with safety ratings and fuel efficiency as well as the current market value of your vehicle, to help you determine whether you are getting good value for money or not.

With us, you can rest assured that your next buy will be a keeper, as you will have all the information you need to make a sound decision.