Oregon License Plate Lookup


Get a comprehensive history of a used car

  • Specifications and equipment details.
  • Accidented or stolen.
  • Known and hidden repairs.
  • Past and present market values.
  • Sales records, title issues, and liens.

There are times when you would want to know the historical record of a vehicle. This could either be when you are buying a used vehicle or tracking down information on a vehicle for a specific reason.

With the Oregon license plate lookup services, this has become a lot easier. Let us know more.

What Is an Oregon License Plate & How It Works?

You can order license plates, get your vehicle registered or titled, and get other such services online in Oregon. While some of the other services are available online, others need a visit to the Oregon DMV office.

To book your appointment, you can visit the official website of Oregon Driver & Motor Vehicle Services.

In Oregon, it is mandatory to get your new or used vehicle registered with the Oregon DMV first. Your vehicle must be titled first to register it in Oregon. After that, you will get one or two license plates for your vehicle, depending on the vehicle you own.

If you have other vehicles like a moped, trailer, motorcycle, camper, or antique, a single license plate is enough. For every other vehicle, two license plates are issued. One is to be displayed in the front and the other at the back.

Types of Oregon License Plates

In Oregon, you can get a license plate of your choice. There are varied options available for you. Here are the types of Oregon license plates you can choose from:

Regular License Plates

Regular license plates are the ones that can be used by anyone who is a resident of Oregon. The symbols you can choose to add to your license plate include a tree, lions club, salmon, trailblazers, University of Oregon, Wine country, NCOA, etc.

Veteran License Plates

An Oregon veteran's license plate symbols include a Purple Heart, disabled veteran, Ex-Pow, Gold Star family, U.S. Army Special Forces Airborne, Congressional Medal of Honor, etc.

Special License Plates

You can get a HAM radio operator symbol license plate, license plate for an antique vehicle, National Guard, or a special interest symbol under special license plates.

Plates For Other Vehicles

Other vehicles in Oregon need to be equipped with two license plates. Such other vehicles may include a bus, camper, truck, heavy trailer, snowmobile, travel trailer, motor home, etc.

In order to get personalized or vanity plates for your vehicle, you have to fill out a custom plate application form and mail it to the Oregon DMV office or present it to them physically.

When Do You Need to Run an Oregon License Plate Lookup?

Oregon license plate lookup is used primarily to prevent you from buying a faulty vehicle. Like every other state, Oregon is not also free from scheming car dealers known for selling cars with a filthy history.

You never know if the used vehicle you are just about to buy may be involved in an accident in the recent past or stolen from somewhere else. It may also have gone through multiple owners and registered under various names already.

In order to buy used vehicles without fake title brands and poor history, it is in the best interests of the buyer to access the Oregon license plate lookup and get instant online vehicle history reports for free. License plate lookup service is 100% free of cost. This service informs you of the car's history and specifications by entering the license plate number in the search tab.

What Info Can You Obtain through an Oregon License Plate Search?

License plate lookup acts as the best way to find a VIN of a vehicle. It is mentioned on the car's door or windshield at the driver's side but is too blurred to read. Entering the license plate number on special lookup websites also reveals the VIN of the vehicle.

There is a lot you can know about a vehicle's past and general specifications of the vehicle. Here is a list of all those things:


A license plate search will let you know if the vehicle has ever been involved in an accident in the past. No one really wants to purchase a car with an accident history.

Oregon license plate search is the best option to crack that.

General Information

If you want to know more specific information on the vehicle itself, like the model of the vehicle, its color, details of the engine and the manufacturer, and so on, this can be obtained by entering the VIN.

Title Brand Information

A license plate Oregon search also lets you know if the vehicle title has a specific brand attached to it like a salvage title, reconstructed title, assembled, replica title brand, and so on.

You also get to know the vehicle's mileage, odometer readings, repossessions (if any), loan contracts, theft information, and if it was used in the past (like a rental car, police car, etc).

Once you extract the vehicle's information from a license plate lookup, ask the same from your car dealer. If the data mismatches, this will act as a deal-breaker for you.


Can You Drive Without License Plates In Oregon?

No, one cannot drive without a license plate. However, Oregon state law provides ten days of a trip permit when a used car is bought from car dealers or private sellers. The dealer offers a temporary tag that can be used instead for a while.

What Vehicles In Oregon Use Only One License Plate?

Only a few vehicles in Oregon are allowed to have only one license plate. These include mopeds, campers, trailers, and motorcycles. Antique and special vehicles sometimes are used with one plate from the start.

Is It Illegal To Look Up A License Plate Number?

In a DMV office, no civil residents are allowed to ask for information on another person's license plate number. It is illegal to do so. However, it is safe to run a license plate number lookup online.

How Much Does It Cost To Get A License Plate In Oregon?

Depending on the type of license plate you want, the costs may vary. It also varies for new cars and used car purchases.

The license plate fee starts from $24.50 in Oregon, and costs start to add up according to the type of license plate you want. Custom plate fees start from $50 and go up to $200 depending on the time remaining on the plates.

Can License Plates Be Transferred To Another Vehicle In Oregon?

Yes, you can transfer your current license plates to another vehicle provided

  • They are still readable
  • They are transferred to the same type of vehicle
  • In the same style issued by DMV like a special or custom plate


If you are buying a used car in Oregon, the above information can be of great help. You can also run an Oregon license plate lookup if you are a new resident. Use VinPit services free of cost for checking license plate history, any vehicle history, VIN check, and more.