Pennsylvania VIN Check


Pennsylvania VIN Check

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is the 6th most populous and 33rd largest state, situated in the northeastern and mid-Atlantic region, of the United State of America. It has a total of 4,640,471 registered cars according to a survey in 2016.

All the vehicles on the premises of Pennsylvania are officially registered with a 17-digit vehicle identification number. The facility of Pennsylvania VIN check is the process of inspection of a vehicle, being used or sold.

This article explains the necessary information related to the sale and purchase of a vehicle using the VIN check service in Pennsylvania.

Why Run a Pennsylvania VIN Check?

A VIN is a key to the details and the history of the vehicle. This VIN number is entered in VinPit for VIN lookup or is provided in PennDOT office appointments for inspections of vehicles.

Pennsylvania VIN check reveals information about thefts, sales, accidents, specifications, and the title of the vehicles. A Pennsylvania VIN check becomes necessary in the following cases:

  • When a vehicle is acquired or purchased by a Pennsylvania resident from a non-resident.
  • When a person who is not a local of Pennsylvania brings a vehicle on the state's premises as the vehicle is titled or registered in another state.
  • When the application for the initial certificate of title is for a truck, tractor, or motor without taking into consideration the ownership.

Running a VIN check is a wise move from the safety point of view as it reveals information about the damages incurred to the vehicle in the past. Also, it can help prevent any legal accusation of possessing a vehicle by fraud.

What Will You Know From a Pennsylvania VIN Search?

All the vehicles being operated in the state of Pennsylvania are managed under the supervision of PennDOT, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. Their database contains all the necessary information regarding the registered vehicle.

If a person decided to consult with PennDOT to access history about the vehicle he is going to use or purchase, this is the type of information he will receive:

  • The present state of the vehicle including the vehicle's title state.
  • The information about theft accidents the vehicle has been involved in.
  • Specifications are set up by the manufacturer when the vehicle was manufactured.
  • A complete history of the accidents involving the vehicle.
  • Accurate readings of the odometer.
  • The brand of the vehicle can give you an idea of its worth in price negotiation.
  • All the information about any special purpose designations including taxi-use, rental-use, or police-use.

How to Lookup a VIN Number in Pennsylvania?

You can look up a VIN in Pennsylvania by using any of the 3 mentioned ways below:

    • VIN lookup on VinPit: This is certainly the simplest and most convenient way to look up a VIN in Pennsylvania. You can go to VinPit for a VIN lookup and the only thing you require is a vehicle identification number of the vehicle.
    • Request by Mail: Those people who want to opt for a more authentic way to look up a VIN in Pennsylvania can do it by gathering all the necessary documents which are:
      • An authorized or approved title for the under inspection vehicle
      • Proof of auto insurance of the vehicle in compliance with the specifications along with:
        • Valid insurance identification card
        • Declaration page of insurance policy
        • A copy of a valid application for insurance to the 'Pennsylvania Assigned Risk Plan'.
        • Fee payment (may vary)
    • Visit the Office: Apart from the above-mentioned two methods, a person can also request a VIN lookup by visiting the PennDOT office.


A person who decides to acquire or purchase a vehicle on the premises of Pennsylvania is recommended to run a VIN search/ Car title lookup. A Pennsylvania VIN check allows a person to access important information about the vehicle from a technical and safety perspective.

You can easily run a VIN search online on the VinPit website. Simply enter the VIN in the search bar and get an authentic report of the vehicle.