Colorado VIN Check


Colorado VIN Check

The state of Colorado stands 22nd concerning population and 8th w.r.t geographical area. The statistical data of the state shows that there are 1,807,777 registered cars in the state.

All the vehicles that are acquired or bought on the premises of Colorado are assigned a unique 17-digit code, vehicle identification number (VIN). The Colorado Department of Transportation administers vehicle identification numbers and associated information.

Colorado VIN check enables the residents of the state to gain access to all the vital aspects of a vehicle. Let's understand more about VIN check and their usability in the State of Colorado.

Why Should I Run a VIN Check in Colorado?

The Colorado Department of Transportation inspects the VIN present on the vehicle and compares the information saved in their database to check if:

  • The vehicle has never been involved in an accident.
  • The vehicle has ever been stolen or involved in a theft.
  • The vehicle has any kind of safety concern.
  • The odometer has been rolled back.
  • The vehicle has been titled in another state.

The information provided through VIN lookup assures that the vehicle does not have any kind of fault that might pose a threat to the security or safety of the buyer. You will be more confident and satisfied with the purchase as there is no risk of fraud, once the information is validated.

What Information Will You Get From a Colorado VIN Search?

Here is a complete list of details that can be accessed through a Colorado VIN search:

  • The current state of the vehicle including the vehicle's title state.
  • All the information about the involvement of the vehicle in theft accidents.
  • Specifications were devised by the manufacturer when the vehicle was manufactured.
  • A complete history of the accidents involving that vehicle as which is important from a safety point of view.
  • Correct and accurate readings of the odometer.
  • The brand of the vehicle can give you an idea while discussing the price of the vehicle with the seller.
  • All the information about any special purpose designations including taxi-use, rental-use, or police-use.

How to Perform a VIN Lookup in Colorado?

VIN lookup is a procedure in which a person can use the vehicle identification number to gain access to the vehicle history and specifications of the vehicle.

The VIN lookup can assist you in getting legal approval for selling or buying a car in the state. Here are some of the important points to remember while going for a VIN lookup in Colorado:

  • In Colorado, all the VIN inspections are either performed by Colorado State Patrol or a law enforcement agency. Hence, make sure you are conducting a VIN lookup through the mentioned personnel.
  • You can run a VIN check simply by entering the vehicle identification number of the concerned vehicle on the VinPit website. An authentic report about the condition and history of the vehicle will be provided instantly.
  • The law enforcement agencies which perform VIN lookups provide their facilities in two ways i.e., either through mail or appointments.
  • A person who is going for a VIN lookup can easily go to the website of DMV Colorado and gain access to the list of these agencies. The list provides the service fee for the VIN check process and presents the contact number to book an appointment.
  • The service fee of the VIN check process set up by all the legally approved agencies ranges from $15-60. Besides, some agencies provide a free VIN check-up.
  • The mailing address is available on the websites of these law enforcement authorities along with the list of required documents.


The Colorado VIN check legally authorizes a selling or buying transaction of any vehicle in Colorado or the surrounding suburbs. All the important information about the vehicle i.e. manufacturer's specifications, theft and damage reports, odometer reading, and title of the vehicle.

A person can run a VIN inspection either online through VinPit or the facility provided by the different law enforcement agencies through mail and appointments. If you are willing to access the history of any vehicle, then enter the VIN on VinPit and get the report of the vehicle.