Editorial Policy

VinPit's major objective is to provide customers new to the used-car market with the right information that can help them negotiate prices better, distinguish salvage from non-salvage cars, or know if it’s a stolen one.

We do so by providing free VIN checks, VIN decoders, license plate lookups, and other informative resources regarding cars. We are averse to populating search results with filler content, so we only feed users with relevant information that may help them make good car-buying decisions.

How We Review Our Articles

Our contents are written and reviewed by auto writers and experts who have rich experience writing and reviewing articles and blog posts in the auto space.

Before writing, they conduct intensive research, test the product if need be, and conduct customer surveys to see from users’ perspectives. Based on the information gathered, they may then write correct and expert reviews on products to provide answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

Thereafter, our team of reviewers revises the content to ensure that quotes are properly referenced, statistics used are up-to-date, and the language used is simple for a regular reader to understand. Sometimes, they may also include examples and scenarios for better understanding.

Editorial Independence

We follow strict guidelines to ensure our contents are objective and unbiased. They are not influenced by affiliates or partners and do not need any form of approval or consent from these parties to be published. Our reviews, where provided, are authentic, credible, and honest, as we do not get any direct compensation from partners and advertisers to recommend their product ahead of others.

Originality and Accuracy

We take plagiarism concerns very seriously and adhere strictly to all regulations regarding copyrights and intellectual property rights.

It is a violation of our editorial policy to publish plagiarized content, falsehoods, or misrepresentations of any product or service. Our contents are original, and writers who may be found guilty of copying, pasting, replication, or any other form of plagiarism may be severely punished.

Our reviewers thoroughly revise articles and fact-check them to ensure all the information therein is factual, accurate, and up-to-date. They may also be periodically revised and updated to reflect new government policies and agency regulations. We are open to complaints about potential errors in our website content and would do everything to make corrections if these complaints are found to be genuine.

Where Our Data Comes From

We gather all information about cars and the auto market from hundreds of reliable sources. These sources include government agencies like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, insurance databases like the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) and Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), trusted third-party websites like Kelly Blue Book, research publications, and state DMVs.