Michigan VIN Check


Michigan VIN Check

Michigan boasts the 10th highest population amongst the states of the USA. Moreover, Michigan is home to Detroit, which is famously known for the automotive industry present there.

Michigan has about 3,248,359 registered cars as of 2016 in the state. These cars are registered under the Michigan Department of Motor Vehicles and their information is documented and recorded with their VINs.

The residents of Michigan are advised to inspect a vehicle’s history and information with the help of its VIN before acquiring any vehicle. This will provide them with a complete picture of the particular vehicle.

Why Should I Run a VIN Check in Michigan?

A resident of the Michigan state can run a VIN check by providing the 17-digit VIN on the VinPit website or at the Michigan Department of Motor Vehicles office. You should run a VIN check in Michigan in the following scenarios:

  • When a resident of the state of Michigan wishes to purchase or sell a vehicle from a person who isn’t a resident of the state, the VIN bridges the gap between the sale and purchase of vehicles across the states.
  • VIN of a given vehicle is registered when it enters from another state into the state of Michigan and this registered VIN can be used to inquire about the vehicle, later on.
  • If you are buying or selling a vehicle, the VIN check can be used to check the title of the vehicle in the subject, to see if it is titled as a taxi, a truck, or was/is being used in any rental car facility.
  • When you want to find out about the theft and accidental history of the vehicle.
  • You can even avoid transactions over a vehicle that has been involved in fraud or some other crime by using the VIN check.

What Information Will You Know From a VIN Search in Michigan?

This VIN check by state can provide us with the following information regarding a vehicle:

  • The history of ownership of the vehicle.
  • The complete accidental and theft history of the vehicle.
  • The health of the spare parts of the vehicle and the extent of accuracy with which the odometer works.
  • Market value and brand history as both these factors might be used to determine the price of the vehicle.
  • The factory settings of the vehicle as provided by the manufacturer.
  • A very important piece of information given by VIN analysis of a vehicle is the brand title that is given to a vehicle.
  • The VIN information also tells us about designations for special purposes such as being used as a taxi, in rental services, and much more.

How to Perform a Michigan VIN Lookup?

The Michigan VIN lookup can be performed by the following methods:

  • Using the VinPit: In this method, you can simply enter the 17-digit VIN in the search bar of VinPit and see the vehicle information report for free.
  • Contact the Record Lookup Unit: A reliable method is to contact the Record Lookup Unit at the official Michigan Secretary of State and apply for the complete owner and financial history of the vehicle. This process costs you around $11.
  • Contact Michigan Department of Motor Vehicles: You can go to any of the offices Michigan Department of Motor Vehicles and ask for the information in person.


Running a VIN lookup and going through the vehicle report can help you from becoming a victim of fraud in the sales or purchase of a vehicle. The Michigan VIN check provides complete information about the vehicle registered in Michigan, such as accidental information, theft information, and any pending financial liabilities.