Arizona VIN Check


Arizona VIN Check

With the city of Phoenix as its capital, Arizona is the 14th most densely populated the state of America with a population counter reaching 6,931,071. The ADOT, Arizona Department of Traffic, has a whopping number of 2,377,962 registered cars in their database.

All the registered vehicles in Arizona have a vehicle identification number (VIN) that encapsulates all the necessary information about the vehicle in the form of a 17-character alphanumeric code.

In this article, you will learn the details about the Arizona VIN check, how to perform a VIN check, and what kind of information a VIN check provides.

Why Need to Run an Arizona VIN Check?

The Arizona VIN check addresses the buyer's concerns of security and safety about the vehicle. You can perform the Arizona VIN check to get the following information about the vehicle:

  • Accident Report: You need this information before acquiring a vehicle to know whether it has suffered any damage.
  • Information about Title Brands: Your safety can be at risk if you do not check the title brand's information i.e. any kind of flood or hail damage.
  • Purpose Designation Record: It is always a wise decision to be aware of whether the vehicle you are going to acquire has been used for any special purpose designation such as taxi-use, rental-use or police-use, etc.
  • Theft Information: For security purposes, you should always go for a VIN check in Arizona to check if your vehicle has ever been involved in a theft accident in the past.

What Information Will You Find From a VIN Search in Arizona?

VIN check by state can give you access to the kind of information that can give you an advantage as compared to visual inspection. Here are the aspects of information that can be revealed by running a VIN check in Arizona:

  • The details of the current title and the previous information of the titles. You can find out if the cars were used as taxis, police cars, or rental cars.
  • Information regarding the involvement of the vehicle in any natural disaster such as floods or salvage facts.
  • The history of reading odometers i.e.
  • The distance traveled by car since its manufacturing date.
  • The information about the registration of that vehicle in the past. You will see the dates and locations where the vehicle was registered.
  • Data on road accidents. The safe driving of the vehicle can be questionable following serious road accidents.
  • Data on liens and loans, if any. The acquirer can make sure that everything is paid off.
  • Information regarding the vehicle and whether it was declared as 'lemon' or not.

How to Perform a VIN Lookup in Arizona?

The VIN lookup process allows a vehicle for a legal drive on the roads of Arizona. There are three different ways through which a person can run a VIN lookup or search in Arizona:

Use VinPit: This is the fastest and most convenient way to search for a VIN in Arizona. You can go to VinPit for a VIN lookup and the only thing you need is a vehicle identification number. After entering the VIN, you will see the vehicle report including its history and manufacturing specifications.

Use Mail: Those people who want to opt for a more authentic way of looking for a VIN in Arizona can collect all the necessary documents and mail them to the official address of the Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles.

The required documents are:

  • Proof of ownership, usually a title
  • Valid driver license
  • Receipts or invoices for all parts that have been repaired or replaced.
  • Then, mailing these documents to the

Book an Appointment: The third and the most reliable way to perform a VIN lookup is to book an appointment at Service Arizona and conduct the VIN inspection through a licensed law enforcement officer.

There are three levels of inspections which are differentiated by the service fee and provided services.

  • Level I - These inspections are for out-of-state vehicles with no proof of registration or title. It is only required by certain types of vehicles. There is no fee for this level of inspection.
  • Level II - This level of inspection is conducted by certified ADOT officers and the cost is $20.If a new Arizona number has to be allocated, an additional $5 fee will be applied. Level II car inspection is possible by appointment only.
  • Level III - This high-level inspection can only be carried out by highly qualified ADOT officers at ADOT ECD inspection sites. It requires a fee of $50. Level III car inspection is possible by appointment only.

    Level III inspections could occur if the stolen vehicle has been recovered or has been involved in a crash. This inspection is mandatory to check all major components of the vehicle.


Arizona VIN search is a process through which a person can get access to all the necessary information about the vehicle he is going to use in the state of Arizona. A person can conduct a VIN check in three ways and can ensure the authenticity of the vehicle.

Vehicles without any VIN can put the person at risk of his security and safety, as the VIN is encoded with information regarding theft accidents, manufacturing faults, odometer readings, and accident reports.