Massachusetts (MA) Title Search

Doing a Title search for a Massachusetts vehicle is easy and, at the same time, quite important.

Whether you are a prospective buyer of a used car or the first-owner of the vehicle, an MA Title search will provide you with details about the vehicle that you never knew.

The good thing is that anyone and everyone can do a TItle search for free, all they require is a VIN that can be easily found on the vehicle.

VinPit provides free Massachusetts Title Searches with in-depth reports of the vehicle history. Keep reading to find out more:

Why Do You Need Massachusetts (MA) Title Search?

Checking for Vehicles With Accident History:

People who are interested in buying used cars also want to know if the vehicle has been involved in any major accidents in the past. If that is the case, the vehicle would have undergone repair records which might make its performance questionable.

Finding Ongoing Liens:

It is important to find out if there are any pending liens against the vehicle that one is thinking about buying. A Title Search will provide all the information one needs in this regard.

Looking for Title Brands:

Title brands include things like flood damage, hail damage, or salvaged vehicles that can make a car unfit for on-road use. You can know if the vehicle carries any Title brand through a Massachusetts title search.

Learning about Ownership records:

A title search can tell you about the number of owners the vehicle has had. Most people prefer buying a used car which has had only one or at most two owners.

There are other factors as well which make Mass title lookup quite useful. For example, you can know if the used car you are buying is stolen on the first hand. You can also find out if the owner has regularly serviced and maintained their cars.

What Will You Get From Massachusetts (MA) Title Inquiry?

Massachusetts Title Inquiry from VinPit provides a comprehensive vehicle history report that will answer all your questions regarding a used car (or even your car). These reports include:

  • Manufacturer Details
  • Ownership records
  • Lien records
  • Title brands
  • Usage history (private use, rental car, taxi, police car, etc.)
  • Accident Records
  • Theft Record
  • Maintenance history

How to Perform Massachusetts (MA) Title Search

There are multiple ways to perform Massachusetts Title Search. These include:

  • Using VinPit for finding the vehicle Title details and history report
  • Using Massachusetts government database for basic information

Finding Detailed Title Information Through VinPit

VinPit is a platform that provides authentic and updated details on the car title. It is linked to official sources and pulls out its data from there. This is why you get verified information that is compiled from multiple areas.

Doing a Title Search on VinPit is a simple process. You will require only the VIN number of the vehicle, which you can find on the front end of the dashboard or the door hinges that attach the door to the car.

Once you have the VIN number, you can enter it on VinPit and click on the Search button. VinPit will provide you with the car history report within a few seconds.

Finding Basic Title Information Through Massachusetts State Database

Massachusetts has an online portal where you can do a VIN search for finding out the basic details of the vehicle.

However, it will not give you detailed information which third party platforms like VinPit can provide, as in the later case information from multiple sources is compiled and collected.


MA Title lookup is not something you should miss on when you are in the market for a used car in Massachusetts. Once you read the car history report compiled by VinPit, you will realize why they are vital and why everyone is using these searches before buying a car.