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Are you looking for VIN decoding services in Australia? We at VinPit provide comprehensive and instant VIN decoding tools for vehicles in Australia – for free. Continue reading to learn more about VIN codes in Australia, and how to effectively use a VIN decoder when you need it the most.
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How Do VIN Decoding Services Work In Australia?

To understand how VIN decoding tools work in Australia, it is necessary to know the information contained in a VIN.

The Vehicle Identification Number, also known as the VIN, is a 17-digit number-letter series that serves as the unique identification number of a specific vehicle. When you put a VIN into an online VIN decoder, the system will automatically read each digit and return the information about the vehicle in question.

The decoding process will not stop there. VinPit is partnering with authoritative information sources, including official vehicle records from local DMV departments and government-authorised third-party databases, to provide you with a detailed and accurate vehicle report.

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Do Australian Cars Follow Different VIN Standards?

Australian cars do follow different VIN standards than cars in the US. It's not uncommon for the VIN standards in different countries to differ slightly because automobiles made and sold in different countries follow a specific VIN protocol according to local regulations.

Cars made and sold in Australia are following the ISO 3779 and 3780 standards according to the Australian Design Rules (ADR) 61/02. In the table below, you can see the differences between the Australian ISO standard and the U.S. FMVSS 115 standards currently operating in North American countries, such as the US and Canada.

Australian ISO 3779North America FMVSS 115
1Country of OriginWorld Manufacturer Identifier (WMI)Country of OriginWorld Manufacturer Identifier (WMI)
2Car ManufacturerCar Manufacturer
3Vehicle TypeVehicle Type
4Drivetrain, Model, Body Type, Engine TypeVehicle Descriptor Section (VDS)DrivetrainVehicle Descriptor Section (VDS)
5Model and Trim Level
8Engine Type
9Check Digit / Validation Digit
10Model Year, Options Installed, Transmission TypeVehicle Identifier Section (VIS)Model Year, Assembly PlantVehicle Identifier Section (VIS)
13-17Unique Serial NumberUnique Serial Number (Must be numbers only)

Why Should I Decode A VIN Number In Australia?

Because a VIN is designed to be the identification code for a modern car, VIN decoding is one of the quickest ways to confirm vital details related to a specific vehicle. A VIN decoder is the tool you need to decode the VIN, a proven process that's useful in numerous scenarios.

Verify the full specs before purchasing a new car

When buying a brand-new car you want to ensure it has all the equipment and options you specified and need. Online VIN decoders can quickly confirm the detailed specifications of a car in question, including its trim level, factory options, engine type, and vehicle model.

By using an online VIN decoder before the dealer delivers your brand-new car, you can confirm you are getting everything you paid for and all the agreed items listed in the sales documents are present. If there is a discrepancy in the details of the vehicle, you should not sign the delivery documents and question the dealer regarding any discrepancies.

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Evaluate the true condition of a used vehicle

Choosing the right second-hand vehicle can be challenging because not all car sellers tell the truth. That’s why a convenient VIN decoder can be used to reveal the true condition of a second-hand vehicle you are considering. This is one of the most common uses for VIN decoding services.

With the help of a VIN decoder, you can get critical information, including accident records, service and repair logs, and validated odometer readings. Knowing this information will help you better assess a vehicle's condition and your buying decision. This information can also serve as a useful bargaining chip, putting you in a better position when negotiating the price with the seller.

Order parts and accessories for your ride

Already a vehicle owner? A VIN decoder can also make maintaining your vehicle much easier because you can get simple detailed information about your car when ordering needed parts and accessories. For owners who do not know a lot about cars, but want to do some weekend DIYs to their vehicle, a VIN decoder is very helpful.

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Where Can I Find The VIN Number Of My Vehicle?

To check the VIN of your vehicle, you will first need to find the VIN, and you will usually find the code printed on the documents that come with the vehicle when you purchased it. Here is the list of documents that may contain the VIN for a car.

  • Vehicle Registration (Known as "The Rego")

  • Maintenance Logs (Usually for Second-hand Vehicles)

  • Proof of vehicle purchase

If you are not able to access the listed documents, you can also find the VIN on your vehicle in the following locations:

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    At the bottom of the windshield on the driver's side of the vehicle

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    Inside the engine compartment next to the bonnet latch

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    On the vehicle's rear chassis panel next to the spare wheel (if equipped)

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    On the sticker in the side door jam of the driver's or passenger's door

How To Decode A VIN In Australia?

Here at VinPit, our instant free-to-use online VIN decoder supports vehicles with all standard VIN formats, including those from Australia. When you have the VIN in hand, just follow the simple steps below, and you can receive a detailed vehicle report for free in just a few clicks.

  • Locate the tool in the main banner of VIN Decoder in Australia

  • Enter the VIN into the search bar

  • Click the “Start Search” button

  • Preview and download your vehicle report in seconds

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What You Will Find In A Vehicle Report From VinPit?

The list of information you will find in our vehicle report includes:

  • Basic vehicle information
  • Last sale price
  • Odometer records
  • Official recall announcements
  • Auction records
  • Services and maintenance history
  • Major accident records
  • Complete insurance claim records

As you can see, in addition to the basic information about the car in question, the vehicle report generated by VinPit will also contain in-depth vehicle records from reliable and authorised data sources, including the National Exchange of Vehicle and Driver Information System (NEVDIS) and the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR).

What Should I Consider When Using VIN Decoding Service In Australia?

The basic logic behind the VIN record system is that a VIN decoder will only read the information carried by the VIN itself. Most online VIN decoding services will communicate with third-party databases and collect information regarding the VIN in question, which then generates a detailed vehicle report.

The primary information in these generated reports, including accident records, services and maintenance logs, repair records, etc, mainly come from the vehicle records backend system, to which only the listed brand dealers and certified workshops have access to data updates and modifications.

Therefore, if a vehicle went through a severe accident but was not fixed by brand dealers or certified workshops, the information you get about this particular vehicle through the online VIN decoder may not be 100% accurate. Thus, you should always reach out to professional vehicle inspectors and perform a detailed evaluation of any used vehicle you tend to purchase.

Other Ways To Get Vehicle Records In Australia

If you are not satisfied with the results from the online VIN decoding services, or you are looking for a more secure official channel to obtain detailed information about your vehicle, as well as looking up vehicle records for someone else, you can always reach out to your local department of transport office to submit your requests. Here are the links to the local transportation departments by region in Australia:

People Are Also Asking…

Do I need to pay for the VIN decoding services at VinPit?

No, you won't have to pay to use our services. In fact, all of our online vehicle-related services, including VIN decoding and licence plate lookup services, are completely free! Simply enter the required information and get your full vehicle report with no fees at all!

What are the types of vehicles supported by VinPit's VIN decoding services?

The VIN decoding services at VinPit support Australian vehicles including buses, cars, heavy trucks, light trucks, motorcycles, and towed trailers, for any vehicle VIN that follows ISO industry regulations.

Is it safe to give out the VIN number of my car through online VIN decoding services?

It won't be a big “security issue” to provide the VIN of your vehicle through online VIN decoding services, as VINs can be seen by anyone examining a car. However, we do recommend you only give out your VIN in necessary situations to avoid VIN cloning.

We at VinPit value your privacy, and we are always working to improve our information security system. Not only will we not share your searches with any third-party agencies, we also will not store any search information in any form, and your VIN searches will be available to you only.

Can VinPit provide information about the previous owners of a specific vehicle?

No, the vehicle report generated by VinPit will not contain any information regarding the previous owners, as this action is against the Australian Privacy Principles under the Australian Privacy Act 1988, and it is also against VinPit's information security policy.

Can two vehicles in Australia share the same VIN number?

No. VINs are unique from vehicle to vehicle, and no two cars will have the same VIN. Other identification numbers for modern vehicles, including engine numbers and chassis numbers, are also unique from vehicle to vehicle.
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Updated on: Mar 15, 2023