RV VIN Lookup


RV VIN Lookup

There's nothing like hitting the open road for a vacation full of freedom and adventure. Whether you're planning a family get-away or a retirement full of exploration, an RV promises memories to treasure. But first, it's a matter of turning that dream into a reality.

While shopping around for the perfect motorhome, be sure to do your homework to avoid unwelcome pit stops later. Save yourself the pains of buyer's remorse. Run a simple RV VIN lookup ahead of your purchase to prevent that lovely dream from turning into a nightmare.

What Is an RV VIN Lookup?

Like any other vehicle, an RV is issued a 17-digit vehicle identification number during manufacturing. Insurance companies and the Department of Motor Vehicles use VIN's to track a car's history including, title transfers, damage claims, recalls, and more.

You can also access this revealing history through an RV VIN lookup. Used motorhomes have a backstory that you need to know before you buy. For instance, how can you be sure the RV is legally available for sale? Was it totaled and rebuilt? A fast and easy trailer VIN lookup will give you crucial facts that aren't readily observable.

Why Should I Look Up an RV VIN?

Everyone in the market for a used RV wants a safe and reliable vehicle at the right price that will faithfully stand up to miles of wanderlust. But looking at the engine and taking the prospective purchase out for a test run won't tell the whole story.

Imagine heading down the open highway, the whole family eager to reach the first destination, when you notice familiar flashing red lights in your rearview. Yes, you're about to get pulled over, but that's not the worst of it. You will soon learn that your newly purchased motorhome is a stolen vehicle!

Unfortunately, this type of unhappy scenario happens all too often. In such a case, the RV will be impounded on the spot, and you'll likely never recover your money. Running an easy RV title search could have prevented this disaster. We'll explain the how-to next.

How to Perform an RV VIN Lookup?

An RV VIN lookup is a quick online search that generates a comprehensive vehicle history report. All you need is the VIN to get started. It's a good idea to physically locate the VIN yourself and copy it down rather than take it face-value from the seller.

This way, you can prevent the dealer from substituting a clean VIN for one with a shady past. The VIN is located on the driver's side dashboard. Once you find it, compare the number with the VIN on the registration certificate. They should match. With VIN in hand, the rest is a breeze:

  • Visit VinPit, a free VIN checker
  • Enter the 17-digit VIN
  • Hit "Start Search"

With so much valuable information at your fingertips, doing a free online RV VIN check should be considered a non-negotiable step in the buying process.

What Will You Know from an RV History Report?

Incidences of theft, a list of registration holders, outstanding recalls, and previous damage claims are some of the vital data provided by a travel trailer VIN lookup. You can expect your vehicle background report to include:

  • Complete ownership history with titleholder names and dates.
  • Any history of theft, including whether the car was stolen and not recovered.
  • Issues within the odometer.
  • Title branding of the vehicle over recovery from any damaging occurrence.
  • The loss history includes the insurance claims made over time.
  • The market value of the vehicle.
  • Recalls and active warranties.
  • Outstanding dues are to be paid over the car, which can allow the creditor to take back possession of the vehicle.

Important details like this can only be discovered by checking an RV's past. It can only be done through an appropriate travel trailer VIN check. The user can face serious consequences if he/she does not follow the advised instructions.

RV Sample VIN

With all this talk of free RV VIN check, you might be a little curious what 17 alphanumeric characters actually mean. The VIN isn't a random sequence - every digit provides information specific to that particular vehicle.

For example, here's what the VIN looks like for a 2016 Tiffins Motorhome Diesel: 5VBBA37A8GA116483. Let's decode the VIN:

  • The first 3 characters (5VB) identify the manufacturer.
  • The next "B" tells you the type of brake system.
  • The following "A" refers to the chassis type.
  • The next series of digits, beginning with 3, provide the following information in order: Model, body type, engine code, model year, and state of manufacture.
  • The remaining 4 digits comprise the serial number.


By running a VIN lookup, any dirty little secrets will be exposed instantly. You've earned this leisurely together time with your family. Don't let unforeseen mechanical or legal issues with a newly purchased motorhome ruin your plans. Take a few minutes to protect yourself and your investment using an RV VIN lookup before you buy the car.