Illinois VIN Check


Illinois VIN Check

With numerous resources on the web, it isn't as hard to make a smart and secure purchase as it would have been a decade ago. Purchasing a car is one of those monumental decisions in your life and coming across issues with the vehicle shortly after you close the deal is anything but cool.

In most cases taking care of the insufficiencies of a bad car can cost you more than its actual price. Such a scenario is both impractical and unfair. How do you protect yourself from fraudulent car dealerships or buying a car with a flawed and broken history? It is way simpler and quicker than you would imagine.

An Illinois VIN check can protect you and your investment as well as give you much-needed peace of mind! Let's look at how a 17-digit code can practically make you the smartest customer!

Why Do You Need to Run an Illinois VIN Check?

Typically, purchasing a used car is considered a good financial option. However, with used cars and private dealerships, your prospective vehicle is always a risk to have a bad rap sheet. An Illinois car title search will provide you with an extensive vehicle history report.

It will prevent you from buying a car that has a fraudulent claim, recall, previous damages, and salvage claims. An Illinois VIN check is so desirable because the 17-digit number is structured according to specific guidelines and contains a ton of information within. Here is a little decoding of your car's unique VIN:

  • 1st digit- the country of your car's origin.
  • 2nd digit- the company that manufactured your car
  • 3rd digit- the type of car
  • 4th to 8th- model, construction type, transmission type, restraint system, engine's code
  • 9th digit- code/check digit to detect invalid VIN.
  • 10th digit- the year of your car
  • 11th digit- plant where your car was manufactured and assembled
  • 12th to 17th digit- a sequence that denotes the code that your car was given while being assembled.

To maintain the efficiency of the VIN and avoid any possible confusion, VINs typically do not contain certain alphabets, including- Q, I, and O, as they can be easily mistaken with numbers like 0 and 1.

What Will You Find from an Illinois VIN Search?

Checking and performing a vehicle registration search by VIN is a non-negotiable part of purchasing a car. We strongly recommend never to take the word of the dealer in context with the Illinois car title search.

Taking matters into your hands is essential because fraudulent sellers might replace the original VIN with the fake one on your car. Now that you know how much information a 17-digit number can hold; we will tell you what a VIN check report will give you:

  • The details of ownership of the vehicle.
  • Information on the vehicle and the legal technicalities.
  • Odometer readings' were recorded amongst the previous vehicle users.
  • Data showing all the maintenance and repairs faced by the car.
  • History of the past sales involving the vehicle.
  • Details of the accidents and damages faced by the vehicle.
  • Any structural damages were reported.
  • Existing warranties and recalls on the car

Looking over the car before purchasing it can save you from making a bad investment.

How to Lookup a VIN Number in Illinois?

You can easily perform a perfect VIN search in Illinois across different platforms. For noting and verifying the number, you need to be aware of the various locations that contain the VIN number of the car. You can either locate it under the bonnet of the car, beneath the windshield, on the door of the driver's side, or on the top of the dashboard.

With the VIN discovered, you can do a VIN search through various platforms. can serve as the perfect source for obtaining a detailed Illinois VIN check over any car with no difficulty. For this, you are required to follow the following steps.

  • Open the official website of VinPit on your browser.
  • Add in the vehicle's VIN number that you wish to locate.
  • Tap on "Check VIN" and obtain a detailed report of the car.

Following this, you can also seek the aid of the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) for featuring a free Illinois title status search. The platform provides car owners with basic information about the car, which usually involves records of theft, fraud, and other recovery claims.

To lookup for a vehicle across NICB, you need to follow the steps as follows.

  • Open the official website of NICB and type in the VIN number of the required car.
  • Tap on the 'Search VIN' Tab and obtain detailed results related to the history of the car.


Even if you buy a used car, it doesn't mean that you have to accept its bad record. Buying a used car means saving up your money and making a good investment. However, cases of car fraud, salvage claims, recalls, and damages caused both by human error and natural causes can seriously hamper your goals of investing in a good car.

If running a simple VIN check can save you from these hurdles, we urge you to stick to it. Several government authorities like NICB or your county's local DMV office can help you do an Illinois DMV VIN check with a certain amount of application fees.