Jeep VIN Decoder

A Jeep VIN decoder is of great help in circumstances where you want to know the vehicle's background.

If you don't know the license number of a Jeep, you can use a Jeep VIN decoder to get the required information. Here is all that you need to know about it.

What Is Jeep VIN Decoder & How It Works?

Jeep VIN decoder is a free service through which you can extract the VIN of the jeep. VIN is a Vehicle Identification Number of 17 characters. It is unique and acts as a recognition number to every jeep.

This 17-character code includes alphabets as well as numbers. Each character of a VIN helps determine the manufacturer, make, model, year of the vehicle, and much more. This format is recognized globally and is implemented by the ISO institute.

A Jeep VIN lookup works conveniently by decoding each of the characters of the Jeep VIN.

How To Decode A Jeep VIN?

Decoding a Jeep VIN is the same as running a license plate number lookup. A Jeep VIN decoder will decode each VIN character and provide more information on a vehicle.

Here is a step by step guide on how you can decode a Jeep VIN.

Find the VIN

The first step of decoding a Jeep VIN is finding it. You need to find the VIN code of a Jeep on the vehicle itself. Here are some of the suggested places to find them:

  • To the left side under the rear bumper
  • Under the windshield
  • On the driver's side front door under the handle on a sticker
  • Near the firewall of the vehicle
  • On the steering column

You can also find the VIN on your car title, registration card, or in the vehicle maintenance records.

Go To A Free Decoder

Once you have to find the VIN of a jeep, find a free VIN decoder like VinPit. Enter the VIN you see in the space provided.


Once the VIN is entered correctly, enter the decode button, and you will get all the vehicle information within seconds.

What Info Can You Decode with a Jeep VIN Search Service?

In order to decode a Jeep VIN, there are certain abbreviations you should know about. Let's first start with what each digit and alphabet in VIN stands for.

1st character

The first character of a Jeep VIN usually is a number that denotes where the vehicle is built.

For instance, number 1 tells that the Jeep was manufactured in the USA.

2nd character

The second (and even sometimes the third character) stands for the manufacturer. Like C stands for Chrysler.

4th to 8th character

4th to 8th characters are alphanumeric and stand for a vehicle type and its further description.

The vehicle description would include information like Four Wheel Drive (4WD), Four Door (4Dr), SUV, and Jeep Compass.

9th character

The 9th character is a security code digit that ensures the VIN is authorized by the manufacturer of the vehicle.

10th character

The 10th character is an alphabet that denotes the model year.

11th character

The 11th character lets one know where the vehicle was assembled. For instance, D stands for an assembly plant of Belvidere, Illinois.

Last 6 characters

The last six characters are the serial number of the vehicle i.e., the production sequence number.

When running a VIN decoder, you will be provided with such basic vehicle information and much more. Here is all the other information a VIN decoder will generate:

  • The market value of the vehicle
  • Vehicle specifications
  • Fuel efficiency information
  • the warranty period of the Jeep
  • Safety rating
  • Equipment details
  • General information like colour, body type, series of the jeep etc.

Jeep Sample VINs

Here are some of the sample VINs for your reference and to know better about a VIN decoder.

  • 3C4NJCAB9JT105435

2018 Jeep Compass Sport FWD (2.4L L4 DOHC 16V), SPORT UTILITY 4-DR

  • 1J4BA6H13AL122111

2010 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon 4WD (3.8L V6 OHV 12V), SPORT UTILITY 4-DR

  • 1J8HG48K46C134344

2006 Jeep Commander 4WD (3.7L V6 SOHC 12V), SPORT UTILITY 4-DR

  • 1C4PJLCS5FW591345

2015 Jeep Cherokee Latitude FWD (3.2L V6 DOHC 24V), SPORT UTILITY 4-DR

  • 1J4AA5D11AL156706

2010 Jeep Wrangler Sahara 4WD (3.8L V6 OHV 12V), SPORT UTILITY 2-DR

Jeep VIN Decoder FAQs

How Do I Tell What Year My Jeep Is?

Look for the 10th character of your Jeep VIN to find the year it is manufactured in. To decode that character, you can run a VIN decoder to know the exact year.

Why Should I Use A Jeep VIN Decoder?

You can use a Jeep VIN decoder for various reasons like:

  • Finding the information on vehicle data before purchasing
  • Checking fake or cloned VIN.
  • Double-checking the vehicle information given by the seller with the vehicle information extracted from the lookup
  • For checking if the vehicle parts are replaced or repaired

Is It Safe To Lookup A Jeep VIN?

It is safe to look up a jeep VIN and share your VIN on VIN decoders. It works similar to license plate numbers.

As someone selling a car, sharing a VIN beforehand with your buyer is one way of getting a great deal out of it.

Can I Run A Jeep VIN Decoder For Free?

Yes, there are various VIN decoder service providers that let you run a Jeep VIN decoder for no cost at all. VinPit is one such VIN decoder.

What Year Is J In A VIN?

If the 10th character of your VIN is J, it is manufactured in the year 2018. Similarly, it is F for 2015, G for 2016, H for 2017 etc.

For more information, you can run a VIN decoder.


If you are looking forward to buying a used Jeep, VinPit has got your back. In addition to helping you decode jeep VIN, it also provides you with other features like license plate lookup, vehicle history report, VIN check, and so on.